Transferring IT Consultants To A DZX-Managed Program

Ashley Keaveney
Transferring IT Consultants To A DZX-Managed Program

top view of businessman hand working with modern technology and digital layer effect as business strategy concept-1A key characteristic of any successful organization is having a workforce driven by momentum and consistency. If workers have consistency in their job status, work output and work happiness, then they will operate with high efficiency which will produce successful results.

One of DZConneX's (DZX's) clients was experiencing some changes as they acquired a new piece of business, so they needed to ensure that momentum was not lost throughout their workforce due to the changes occurring. This leader in the telecommunications industry needed to keep its existing talent on board while acquiring new talent as well. 


The Dilemma 

Our client worked for a consulting company that had just acquired another company, and this acquisition forced them to dissolve their talent supplier contract with our client. This put each worker at risk of losing their job and disrupting the incomplete projects they were working on. The telecommunications company needed help keeping their difficult-to-replace talent on board while not losing any momentum on the work they were doing.

This is why our client call on a trusted partner, DZX, to save their workforce and business momentum with an innovative solution. This was a challenging task when workers were unsure if they should keep working hard on their current projects or if they would be forced to look for work elsewhere. 


The Strategy 

DZX's goal was to transition our clients existing employees to a DZX-managed program, but this would not be as easy as simply rewriting an employment contract. Our client's workforce primarily consisted of full-time employees, and they would now have to become hourly DZX-managed contingent workers instead if they wanted to stay with the company.

Our experts would need to create an innovative solution to convince these workers to remain on board without their previous organized structure and salary. DZX had to assess each employee's benefits and compensation before negotiating new employment contracts that would be comparable to their previous earnings to persuade them to stay and keep the company momentum intact. 


The Impact 

In less than a month, DZX successfully transitioned 12 employees to a DZX-managed program that satisfied the client and the talent. Our experts ensured that deadlines were met and no project was left unfinished. After the transition was complete, our client realized $1.3 million in savings compared to what spending had been before DZX took over. By working with our client to create fair and commensurate contracts, DZX was able to save this client from losing key components of its projects and ensuring continued business momentum and success. 


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View the full case study here to read additional information about this successful transition and partnership. 


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