Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Many organizations do not have the expertise to efficiently fulfill their total talent needs on their own while simultaneously focusing on the success of their business. DZConneX (DZX) has the expertise to implement a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program to augment or rebuild your internal full lifecycle recruitment process. DZX’s RPO experts can efficiently manage every element of your talent acquisition strategy, from the initial workforce planning to requisition through onboarding.

Our RPO programs are flexible, and our knowledgeable professionals know how to tailor each program to meet your specific total talent needs. RPO programs can be designed to eliminate the need for internal sourcing or recruiting, to support or manage any component of the talent acquisition lifecycle or to augment existing resources.

DZX holds our teams to very high standards, ensuring that your organization is getting the best results from our RPO program, which is why our client retention rate is more than 90%. We operate as an extension of our clients, leveraging their employee value proposition and focusing on a high-level candidate experience to ensure we source and engage the best talent to meet your organizational business objectives. We provide operational best practices and recommendations to help you optimize your total talent acquisition strategy and goals. We align with the appropriate SLA and KPI metrics to ensure we are achieving the goals your organization sets for a successful program.

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Types of RPO

Each organization has different needs which require uniquely designed solutions. A best-in-class RPO partner delivers process, accountability, scalability and innovation to their clients. DZX’s RPO specialists will determine the type of RPO program to best suit your total talent needs and optimize your talent supply chain.

In order to help fulfill your talent needs, below are some of the common solutions we offer:


What DZX’s RPO Program Offers:

  • Innovative, proprietary Total Talent ConneX ecosystem to connect people, process and technology to deliver an integrated total talent solution that streamlines your talent acquisition process and provides meaningful benchmarking and analytics
  • The best talent in the market for difficult-to-fill positions
  • Scalability and flexibility to use recruiting services based on real-time needs
  • Support and recommendations to achieve your diversity talent goals
  • High-level candidate and manager experience
  • Optimal sourcing and curation of your talent pools
  • Holistic reporting and analytics to provide insight into the entire talent acquisition process and workforce
  • Improved candidate engagement and retention
  • Cost saving opportunities allowing for increased ROI