Managed Services Provider

We understand that every organization’s workforce has different challenges and needs. DZConneX’s (DZX's) total talent solutions offering is customizable. After we determine the best solution we will develop a managed services program uniquely configured to fit your needs. We expertly manage all of your contingent labor needs and talent supply chain, and we create a top-notch workforce solutions team designed specifically for you. Our dedicated program management team can help solve even your most challenging problems with our proprietary technology and our innovative approach to total talent solutions.

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Your Workforce: Your Program

For a more in-depth look at how we can help you develop a high quality program, below are some of the common solutions we offer:

Vendor Neutral

While running your program, we focus on managing and engaging a high quality supply chain, and we will remain neutral to ensure broad compatibility with the ultimate goal of delivering you the best talent from the best suppliers at the best price.


In order to meet all of your specific talent needs, we will create a dedicated and customizable talent community distinctly for you. Our team of program specialists, technology partners and niche suppliers will work together to create innovative solutions tailored to your organization, keeping talent, quality and cost savings at the forefront.

Master Vendor

We also specialize in designing programs that deliver total talent and technology solutions directly to you without the complex involvement of multiple suppliers. Dedicated delivery teams with expert recruitment knowledge are readily available, whose only focus will be meeting your organization’s total talent needs.

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Why Choose DZX's Managed Services

Visibility & Control

With our managed service program, we will identify where all your contingent spend is, allowing for more strategic decision making. You will have full visibility into your talent, allowing you to strategically leverage your most important asset, people.

Unique Roadmap Design

We plan your program for today and for the future. Creating a detailed roadmap of the plan for the present and the next generation ensures continuous evolution and innovation, allowing for optimal results and increased value. Our roadmap approach has proven to be immensely successful, leading to 87% of our clients expanding their total talent services with DZX.

Expert Knowledge

We have dedicated, proactive teams of talent management specialists who will consistently evolve your program by leveraging technology, the supply chain and your existing resources to provide best-in-class talent solutions.

Dedicated Implementation

Experienced project managers and data experts are always available that can implement your new program as quickly as you can manage it. Due to ample years of experience, we can guarantee a seamless end-to-end transition during the program implementation.

Change Management

Following the initial steps of program implementation, DZX will continue to guide your team through the new process to ensure a smooth, successful integration with continuous adoption across your organization.

Cost Savings

With our state of the art Total Talent ConneX ecosystem, we can analyze and optimize your spend to ensure proper allocation and savings. As part of our roadmap methodology, we will design a solution that drives savings across the organization without sacrificing quality or service.

An Efficient Talent Supply Chain

Our goal is to work together to efficiently deliver you a diverse total talent supply chain that meets all of your organizational needs. Only the best qualified talent will enter your organization with the help of supplier management teams and DZX's innovative technology.

Reporting & Analytics

We leverage disruptive and advanced technologies to assist you with rate benchmarking, program recommendations related to talent quality, process efficiency and cost savings to improve your workforce planning and reap greater rewards.