Project RPO

We understand that within every industry, organizations’ workforce needs are continuously changing due to unpredictable fluctuations in demand. To keep up with these ever-changing needs, organizations can leverage RPO support on a project basis. DZConneX’s (DZX's) dedicated RPO specialists can implement an RPO program that maximizes efficiency by specifically aligning to meet your project requirements on an as-needed basis. 

Whether you need RPO support for a hiring surge or ramping up a new location, for example, we have you covered. Our experts will develop and manage a unique scalable program concerning any specific need, timeframe, location, and/or skill set to ensure the best talent enters your organization when you need it, and we can scale back our services when you no longer need new talent entering your workforce. 

The Potential and Pitfalls of Utilizing AI in RPO and Talent Acquisition

Uncover best practices for embracing AI and managing its risks when it's utilized in an RPO program.

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What DZX's Project RPO Program Offers:

  • The opportunity to test an RPO solution prior to fully committing to outsourcing
  • Flexibility and agility to scale outsourced recruitment services at any time relative to changing demand
  • Defined timeline and delivery for a projected number of hires
  • Dedicated and certified DZX Contract Recruiters deployed on-site or remotely
  • Exempt and non-exempt recruitment expertise across skills sets and industry verticals
  • Optional technology and sourcing tools



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