VMS Management And Administration

Vendor Management Systems (VMS) are advanced technological tools that act as a single platform to manage all vendor related activities for an organization, ensuring their total talent needs are delivered efficiently. VMS technology has rapidly developed in recent years, including vendor consolidation, ownership changes and new products on the market, which can make it difficult for companies to properly assess, select, implement and manage these systems.

DZConneX (DZX) has years of experience working with VMS partners (including pioneering and developing our own unique system) which has given our integration and program teams the expert knowledge and credibility to successfully implement VMS technology into any organization. Our knowledgeable teams can help you effectively optimize and manage your talent by recommending the appropriate technology/VMS strategy for your specific needs or helping you better utilize and optimize the system you already have in place for an improved return on investment.

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Selection, Implementation and Management of A VMS

Organizations typically have a VMS technology in place for their contingent workforce management program, whether they manage it directly or rely on a managed service provider. DZX works with all of the major and emerging VMS providers on the market. We can ensure your organization will have a competitive advantage by accessing the best VMS tools available. Our experts will help assess and recommend the best VMS based on your needs, and implement, manage and troubleshoot the system for you while we run your program.

Additionally, our Total Talent ConneX ecosystem can be integrated with any VMS tool to enhance program benchmarking, reporting and analytics capabilities. This proprietary integration platform provides clients access to additional innovative technologies and applications to effectively optimize their program with integrated connectivity.

What DZX Can Offer

  • Expert Knowledge – Our dedicated subject matter experts have been delivering organizations successful results for decades through the implementation and optimization of VMS technologies.
  • Return on Investment – Technology is expensive and can be a significant time investment, and you don’t want to risk spending money on a VMS tool that is not appropriately aligned with your organization’s needs. We can help ensure that you are leveraging the appropriate VMS to optimize the return on investment.
  • Change Management – DZX knows how to implement a MSP/VMS program leveraging our business readiness methodology with no disruption and high adoption, whether you’re in the initial stages of program selection or you already have the technology in place.
  • Increased Adoption – We will familiarize the members of your organization with the newly implemented or enhanced VMS technology during and post go-live so all users understand how to efficiently use the system for successful program adoption.

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