eBook: Why It Might Be Time To Outsource And How To Do It

Explore if it's the right time to outsource the management of your workforce to talent experts


Today's workforce landscape consists of various populations of nonemployees, and companies must understand how to properly engage and manage these individuals. Through a workforce trends study referenced throughout this eBook, it's become evident that many organizations do not have clear insight into their flexible workforce and how they are being managed. One change that can be made is to outsource the management of this workforce population to talent experts. 

Ensuring that every individual within your company is being accounted for and properly engaged, is vital to the success of your business. This eBook provides suggestions for engaging external resources and working together internally to better understand and manage your flexible workforce. 


This eBook will help you:

-Explore key considerations to evaluate whether your organization can efficiently manage contingent workers 

-Differentiate between some common perceptions and realities concerning this unique workforce population 

-Determine what spend controls should be in place in order to maintain complete control over your flexible labor

-Implement best practices for engaging with external talent experts and optimizing the use of your internal resources simultaneously