Supplier Management

For more than two decades, we have been delivering workforce solutions to organizations, including some of the largest, most recognizable names in business. With over 110 years of experience building strong teams and partners, DZConneX (DZX) knows how to deliver on talent through managing supplier relationships and performing to top metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Our expert supplier relations team creates the best talent supply chains in the industry, nurtures and evolves these relationships to ensure they are actively engaged. Our high standards and consistent methodology hold vendors accountable to find you the best talent, keeping your program running efficiently and continuously growing.

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Supplier Vetting

As part of our workforce solutions roadmap when implementing programs for our clients, supplier assessment and vetting is critical to the success of your program. DZX understands that every organization has different talent needs, so during program implementation and beyond, our methodology is to fully understand these needs, assess incumbent supply chain and make recommendations for additional suppliers for the most effective program delivery. Our experienced supplier relations team consistently identifies and maintains a supply chain utilizing pre-screening alignment questionnaires and metrics to connect suppliers with the right program. We continuously evaluate the capabilities and performance of our supply chain to ensure we create a solution that provides you with best performing talent when you need it.

Supplier Compliance

As part of our commitment to managing your supplier relationships, we ensure that your suppliers are complying with the terms of your program while staying abreast of continuously changing employment laws in each state that your company operates in. We make certain that every supplier is meeting your individual standards, all government mandated standards and contractual guidelines. With the utilization of supplier audits to assess supplier compliance and scorecards to evaluate performance, our experienced professionals ensure optimal delivery for your organization.

Supplier Diversity

DZX understands the importance of diversity in all aspects of business success. We are not only committed to providing our clients with a high-performing, diverse talent supply chain to meet any diversity goals and mandates your organization has in place, we will deliver on it. Supplier diversity accounts for 30% of our entire managed services program portfolio. Diversity is one of our core values and we will recommend diversity goals to clients that don’t already have these established. Supplier landscapes can be challenging to navigate, but our experts are determined to make diversity a top priority for your business success.

Supplier Connex

The supplier portal is a key component of our proprietary technology solution platform, Total Talent ConneX. This technology drives efficiency across the supply chain, captures key performance metrics and benchmarking, while keeping suppliers engaged and active to deliver the best talent to our client programs. Through ConneX we can make recommendations for performance improvement and identify key suppliers in geographies and skill sets where there is a talent gap. Since ConneX is an integration platform, it seamlessly integrates with client or partner technologies for requisition distribution and management, or we can provide our own proprietary functionality designed specifically for your unique requirements.


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