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DZConneX (DZX) delivers efficiency, compliance and high-level candidate engagement to your organization’s total talent solution through our Payroll Services. As the employer of record, our experts are dedicated and committed to providing excellent service to all our contingent talent while they work for you. We have been providing this service for many of the world’s largest companies for decades, and our advanced technology and experienced teams are the best in the industry to manage all of your total talent needs.

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DZX implements payroll programs of all sizes as part of our total talent managed services. We  deliver value, compliance and visibility.

We develop a customized program to ensure the talent you have identified enters your organization with swift onboarding compliance, payment accuracy and a high-level experience that continues throughout the duration of their assignment. DZX delivers an automated, consistent and efficient process for your pre-identified talent, which eliminates the administrative burden and responsibility from your organization. This service is an integral part of our total talent solution that we have designed to help you keep your business successful and on track with your objectives. Having one efficient managed program run by DZX will ensure that risks are minimized, your talent is given the best care possible and will remain happy and productive while they work for you.


What DZX’s Payroll Services Can Do For Your Organization

  • Employee Experience – From the initial onboarding to the final off-boarding, and everything in between, we’ll provide your talent with a positive engaging experience.
  • Compliant and Efficient – The onboarding process can be complex. DZX will assume that burden, utilizing our effective and consistent process to ensure compliance and efficiency.
  • Visibility – Identify your payroll spend quickly, and we will help ensure rates are market competitive and compliant with your program solution.
  • Change Management – Caring for payroll workers comes with complexity and challenges, especially when it requires an employer transition. We are the connection to the talent your organization needs and the work you need done, without disruption.
  • Part of Our Total Talent Solutions – As your program needs evolve and change, we will grow with you. Payroll management is a key part of DZX’s Total Talent Solutions to help efficiently manage all of your total talent needs.


Payroll Plus/White Glove Approach

Another approach that DZConneX can take when it comes to payrolling is our Payroll Plus/White Glove Approach. This is another step in our customized program, best suited for programs that are looking for additional administrative responsibilities to be taken over, a unique candidate experience, customized reporting and more.




A few specific white glove approach benefits include, 

  •  Employee On and Off Boarding  
  • Background Check Results Within 2 hours of the Candidate Accepting the Offer
  • Administrative Duties 
  • Customized Reports for Management 
  • Focus on Candidate Experience by Engaging Technology
  • A Fully Dedicated Team 



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