eBook: 5 Steps to Reimagining Your Recruitment Process In Times of Change

Learn how to effectively evaluate and improve the recruiting process when you need it the most - in times of change.

The world of talent acquisition is evolving rapidly. Human resources and talent acquisition professionals are asked to do more with less and conquer a wide range of challenges from talent shortages to diversity hiring.

Without strong recruiting resources and strategies, companies will not be able to attract and retain talent to grow their companies. So, what should an organization evaluate when re-imagining its recruiting practices in times of change? 

Now is the time to reimagine recruitment and DZConneX (DZX) can help! 

This ebook will help you:

  • Evaluate Talent Acquisition Processes
  • Collaborate with the Business & Strategize Hiring Needs
  • Perform Cross-Functional Analysis of Skills
  • Employer Brand & Employee Value Prop Positioning
  • Align Cost to ROI for your Talent Acquisition Program