Independent Contractor Management

Independent Contractors (IC) can be a great asset in your total talent workforce solution, but ensuring proper classification for this type of talent presents challenges for many companies. DZConneX (DZX) is equipped with experienced and trained professionals to help you classify and manage all of your talent correctly for appropriate risk management and compliance and to avoid misclassification issues.

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It’s vital that your business has the right policies, procedures and solutions in place for classifying your contingent talent. DZX’s experts focus on solving complex labor problems. We recommend the right solution and technology to organizations for them to source skills and ensure ICs are properly vetted and managed as part of our adaptable total talent solution offering.

With our innovative, compliant classification process in place, your organization will feel comfortable that their diverse workforce is optimized. Some of the largest global companies rely on our subject matter experts to overcome their misclassification challenges and provide proper guidance on how to engage and use their IC talent pool effectively.

How An Independent Contractor Compliance Program Can Help Your Organization

  • Control – Our program will ensure that you have a full understanding of how IC’s are engaged and utilized. With our assistance, we can audit and manage the vetting, policies and procedures your organization needs.
  • Consistency and Compliance – Our efficient, innovative solutions are designed for your business to be consistent and compliant with how you want independent contractors to fit into your business.
  • Change Management – Developing a process for determining IC use and proper classification can be complicated. DZX's talent solution will guide your organization through this process, leveraging our methodology and tools to provide a seamless integration into your environment that meets your needs.
  • Reduce Risk – Our top priority is to ensure that your organization is fully compliant with all regulatory guidelines and bodies that govern the use of ICs, so our program will be carefully designed to eliminate liability and misclassification risk.

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