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Hybrid RPO programs allow organizations to fulfill their unique workforce needs through a combination of insourced and outsourced talent acquisition strategies. DZConneX (DZX) leverages our expertise to segment elements of the talent lifecycle between your internal teams and our talent acquisition specialists to meet your specific requirements. For example, if you are only interested in outsourcing front-end sourcing or back-end offer administration, DZX can deliver this service to you while your team handles the rest of the process.

The Potential and Pitfalls of Utilizing AI in RPO and Talent Acquisition

Uncover best practices for embracing AI and managing its risks when it's utilized in an RPO program.

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Economies, market dynamics, and your business stakeholders’ demands are always changing, which impacts workforce needs. Our solution focuses on flexibility and scalability to meet your ever-changing needs at any point to cover any fluctuations in demand. Throughout our past 120+ years, we have developed the expertise to seamlessly integrate into our customers' environments and the ability to adapt to any request concerning their talent in real-time.


What DZX’s Hybrid RPO Program Offers:

  • Augmentation to your existing recruitment teams to ensure top talent is being delivered as efficiently as possible
  • Our outsourced support will seamlessly complement your existing talent acquisition program, acting as an extension of your organization
  • Flexibility and scalability to fulfill continuously changing needs
  • Dedicated and experienced DZX certified recruitment team
  • Our RPO specialists will convey your employee value proposition
  • Sourcing tools and technologies to streamline the TA process 
  • Reporting on performance management and metrics (SLA, KPI) to ensure we are meeting your organization’s goals
  • Holistic data analytics and intelligence to provide best-in-class recommendations regarding your talent acquisition process



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