Contingent RPO

DZConneX’s (DZX's) Contingent RPO program delivers organizations the best contingent talent pool by leveraging the same innovative processes we follow to deliver permanent talent. It can be difficult to find high-quality contingent talent, but our experienced RPO teams know how to source top candidates to drive increased efficiency throughout your organization. Delivering top-grade, dedicated talent to our customers is our main priority. 

DZX also ensures we provide contingent talent with the same personalized care we give to permanent talent throughout the recruitment process to improve their overall candidate experience. A good candidate experience from the beginning will help improve your organization's retention rate and the quality of work your contingent talent produces. Our experts will leverage the power of your brand along with our efficient talent acquisition process to ensure that your workforce needs are fulfilled quickly with the best qualified resources.

6 Reasons to Utilize Contingent RPO During an Uncertain Economy 

Managing talent in times of uncertainty is never easy, but with  a contingent RPO program in place, your organization can continue to thrive. Learn more in this white paper:

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What DZX’s Contingent RPO Program Offers:

  • Seamless delivery of the best contingent talent on the market
  • Dedicated talent pool of contingent and permanent talent
  • Improved conversion ratio of temporary to permanent talent
  • The ability to customize your solution as your business needs evolve
  • High-level candidate and manager experience
  • Improved candidate retention rates