As part of our talent solutions, DZConneX (DZX) has created a proprietary technology ecosystem to effectively and efficiently streamline your talent acquisition process. Our Total Talent ConneX Solution will help your organization perform better by connecting people, process and technology for successful delivery of talent acquisition, solutions and management. Seamless communication and connectivity are more attainable than ever with our technology platform. This cloud-based ecosystem offers an easy high-level experience for talent, real-time visibility to suppliers, integrated connectivity to partners and real-time decision making intelligence to our clients.

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Total Talent ConneX

Total Talent ConneX curates holistic reporting and analytics that provide insight into an organization’s talent acquisition process and workforce. The analytics dashboard enables visibility into your talent lifecycle, productivity measures, spend data and analytics. It provides real-time on-demand data and a comprehensive program performance review concerning quality, efficiency and cost in order to determine areas for improvement and make strategic recommendations.

Total Talent ConneX can be integrated with VMS, ATS and HCM partners, or we can provide a unique industry focused functionality designed specifically to meet our client’s total talent needs. This proprietary platform grants clients access to many innovative technologies and digital applications to effectively optimize your program through integrated connectivity.

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Our Promise

DZX takes pride in helping organizations identify and make recommendations concerning what you can improve upon to achieve optimal business success. Our solutions can help you solve all of your workforce needs and challenges through our innovative approach to creating solutions. With our Total Talent ConneX Solution, you will have more time to focus on what you do best, your business.


As an integration platform, it connects disparate talent management technologies and enables them with proprietary applications, best-in-class 3rdparty applications and analytics.

This innovative system leverages disruptive artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and predictive analytics to yield a high-level user experience and help drive improved results in our client programs.