Total Talent Solutions

Total Talent has a different meaning to each organization and requires a uniquely configured solution to meet each client's specific needs. Offering a holistic program to help manage an organization’s total talent requires dedication, experience and coordination to succeed. DZConneX (DZX) has been an established leader in total talent solutions for over 30 years. We solve complex talent needs while helping clients decrease their costs and improve their business operations.

We focus on providing integrated total talent solutions through our proprietary Total Talent ConneX ecosystem which connects talent, technology and teams to deliver total talent acquisition, innovative solutions and program management. The best way to cover all your talent needs and optimize your workforce is through one unified program, and DZX is committed to being that total solutions program provider for you.

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What DZX’s Total Talent Solutions Offers:

  1. Proprietary and adaptable Total Talent ConneX ecosystem that connects disparate talent management technologies and enables them with proprietary 3rd party applications
  2. Total talent analytics
  3. Integrated process and singular program for internal and external talent needs
  4. Talent pool sourcing and management
  5. Full optimization of your total talent supply chain
  6. Aggregated cost saving opportunities
  7. Streamlined talent acquisition process
  8. High-level candidate experience with stronger engagement and retention
  9. Improved employee value proposition
  10. Effective and efficient service delivery, allowing you to focus on meeting your business critical objectives and goals

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