DZConneX’s (DZX's) successful track record for quickly and efficiently implementing talent solutions utilizes industry best practices to deliver a seamless transition without disruption to your organization. Our disciplined integration and change management process includes a client readiness assessment and communications and training plan that expedite the implementation process and ensure program adoption is achieved across your organization.

Each clients’ needs are unique to their own business and will vary over time. DZX has developed three primary implementation approaches to maximize success:  Rapid, Phased and Highly Configurable approaches. Since the needs of your team will change as it evolves, DZX employs a flexible and adaptable program design that best fits the needs of your organizations now and in the future.

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Our Approach

Rapid Deployment Approach

This approach typically applies to programs with no technology change and focuses on talent acquisition and payrolling management.


Rapid team design with limited integrations

Phased Approach

This approach typically applies to various talent solutions such as, Staff Augmentation, IC Compliance, SOW Management, Exempt and Non-exempt permanent hires and technology solutions.


Full deployment of the outsourced Total Talent program and technology solution, with a methodical implementation approach

Highly Configurable Approach

This approach is used by the majority of our clients and typically applies to clients seeking a highly customized change management approach that can vary across the organization or business unit.


Comprehensive solution and structured implementation approach, especially with varying stakeholder needs and adoption challenges


The Total Solution and Technology

Total Talent means different things to different organizations and requires a uniquely configured solution to meet an organization's specific needs. We helped design some of the first MSP and RPO programs in the marketplace and have evolved our next generation solution toward integrated total talent solutions.