Enterprise RPO

DZConneX’s (DZX's) enterprise RPO program provides a seamless end-to-end total talent solution. Our dedicated teams have the expertise to efficiently manage every aspect of any large organization's talent acquisition processes from the initial requisition planning to the final onboarding. DZX can take care of every recruitment process element, while leaving the ultimate hiring decision up to you.  

Our comprehensive total talent management program will be configured to solve your most challenging talent problems. No request is too large for our subject-matter experts to create a complex total talent solution. Our top priority will be to effectively fulfill all of your requisitions and deliver best-in-class talent.

5 Steps to Reimagining Your Recruitment Process In Times of Change

Learn how to effectively evaluate and improve the recruiting process when you need it the most - in times of change.

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What DZX's Enterprise RPO Program Offers

  • Seamless end-to-end talent acquisition solution, where all aspects of the recruitment process are outsourced with the exception of the hiring decision
  • Full program management from workforce planning support and requisition opening through onboarding
  • Delivery of high quality talent selected to meet your unique needs
  • Dedicated and certified DZX sourcing and recruiting team
  • Our proprietary Total Talent ConneX ecosystem to streamline your total talent process
  • Advanced sourcing tools that can be integrated with our Total Talent ConneX system
  • Holistic business reporting and analytics to provide insight into your talent acquisition process

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