Direct Sourcing

An efficient Direct Sourcing program will fully automate the sourcing and pipelining process for your organization. DZConneX (DZX) proactively sources the best qualified talent for customers. We drive continuous candidate engagement and management for a fast and smooth deployment, improving their experience and resulting in long-term retention.

DZX focuses on the sourcing and submission of high-quality, vetted talent within minutes by utilizing advanced sourcing tools. This innovative solution leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, and predictive analytics to yield a high-level candidate experience and help your organization perform better by connecting people, process, and technology. Our dedicated Direct Sourcing Teams perform critical curation and management and are able to integrate quickly into any existing program you have in order to help you achieve talent acquisition optimization.

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What DZX’s Direct Sourcing Solution Offers:

  • Cost saving opportunities by directly and proactively sourcing talent through automation instead of traditional recruitment methods
  • Stronger employer branding and value proposition to engage candidates
  • Faster deployment and submission of qualified talent for open job requisitions
  • Talent pools that fulfill customers' unique needs

  • Dedicated Direct Sourcing Team focused on curation and management of customized talent pools
  • Streamlined talent acquisition process
  • High-level candidate experience
  • Improved candidate retention rates
  • Knowledgeable program teams who leverage our rich 120+ year history along with innovative processes to deliver customized solutions