Podcast: Strategies to Combat the Current Talent Shortage

Ashley Keaveney
Podcast: Strategies to Combat the Current Talent Shortage

There is no denying that COVID-19 has permanently changed many aspects of the workforce. Due to the drastic effects the pandemic has had on people's lives, both employers and employees have different needs and expectations than they had pre-pandemic. It is more important now than ever before for companies to proactively attract and retain the right talent to combat the talent shortage. 

In this episode of HRO Today's Educational Podcast series, Diana Doro, DZConneX's VP of Enterprise Sales, and Debbie Bolla, VP and Editorial Director of HRO Today's magazine, discuss the best strategies to combat the current talent shortage that many companies are facing today. Their conversation focuses on how important it is for companies to be proactive and to consistently communicate with job candidates and their employees throughout this time of change. 


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Communication is Key 

In times of uncertainty, everyone values clear and consistent communication. As companies try to fill talent gaps within their organization, they need to understand what employees will really value at their job. It's paramount right now for companies to communicate their current and future plans with their prospective and existing employees regarding flexible work schedules, philanthropy initiatives, internal mobility, etc.

Additionally, companies should be prioritizing employees' mental health, and their efforts to support this should be expressed to their workforce. If you listen to this podcast and realize your company is not utilizing these strategies to overcome the talent gap, then it might be time to holistically re-evaluate your talent acquisition and retention plans. 


It's Time to Be Proactive

In order to successfully combat the talent shortage, it's essential for companies to be proactive in their efforts to attract and retain employees.  One way companies can proactively attract candidates is by outsourcing their recruiting to talent experts. The industry has recently seen an increased number of companies hiring contingent workers and implementing On Demand RPO solutions or Direct Sourcing solutions.

It's also important to emphasize your employer brand and consistently contact candidates throughout the hiring process so they see the effort you are putting in to have them at your company. Regarding employee retention, companies should be checking in to make sure their employees are happy with their current work situation, and companies should try to accommodate any reasonable requests that they have.


For more information about the importance of consistently engaging with your current and future employees to get ahead of the talent shortage, listen to our podcast.


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