DEI Organizational  Solution

Any organization’s journey to inclusivity and equity includes many
questions and much reflection on where you are and where you want
to be. DZX can facilitate these questions and discussions using DEI tools,
resources and expertise to keep your organization moving forward in a
dynamic diversity environment. 

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Advisory Services Include:


Assessing Organizational Diversity Maturity

  • Create a solution for your current need and identify gaps to be filled for long-term inclusion. Ensuring leadership buy-in and processes that are designed to drive inclusion.

Determining Organizational Readiness for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

  • Is there leadership buy-in? Are systems and processes currently designed to drive inclusion? Are your managers ready? We’ll determine a solution to your current need and identify gaps to be filled for long term inclusion.

Revisiting Policies, Practices and Programs through an Inclusive Lens

  • We help bridge the gap between your diversity strategy and key business objectives, building a connection for all levels of employees.


Aligning Diversity Strategy with Business Strategy

  • How is your diversity strategy helping your organization achieve its key objectives? We can help bring the two closer together and build a connection for all levels of employees.


Starting and Sustaining Employee Resource Groups

  • We’ll build you an infrastructure and identify ERG leaders and a sustainable strategy.


Creating Meaningful Metrics to Track Progress

  • Determine what progress is important for your organization now and in the future.

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