A Managed Services Provider (MSP) Resource Guide

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A Managed Services Provider (MSP) Resource Guide

Are you familiar with the world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs)? Each organization's workforce has its own unique needs, and that's where an MSP program comes in. The beauty of an MSP program is its ability to be fully customizable, tailored specifically to your organization's requirements.

Whether you're at the initial phase of considering the potential benefits of investing in an MSP, or if you already have an established mature program in place, there are numerous resources available on the DZConneX website that can provide you with valuable information on MSPs and how they can enhance your organization. 

Discover these 16 useful MSP resources below to help guide you on your unique talent journey!

If You're Considering Going to RFP 

6 Easy Steps To Develop A Winning MSP Business Case Webinar - By partnering with an MSP, your organization can tap into the expertise of professionals who will not only help you find the best talent but also save you money. Join our webinar to learn how to create a compelling MSP business case and develop an RFP for contingent talent outsourcing. Gain valuable insights into the benefits of implementing an MSP program as a comprehensive talent strategy for acquiring high-volume contingent talent.

Going to RFP for an MSP: What You Need to Know Blog - The decision to go through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for an MSP is a crucial one, and the factors to consider vary depending on where you are in your talent journey. Whether you're searching for a 1st Generation MSP, starting from scratch, or seeking a 2nd Generation MSP due to dissatisfaction with your current partner, this blog will serve as your comprehensive guide to navigate through the necessary considerations.

What to Look for in a First-Generation MSP Program eBook - This eBook explores 10 crucial considerations for your first-generation MSP program, including a break-down of the obstacles and benefits for each one. Focusing on these considerations will make your MSP selection process much easier, and these considerations will ensure you choose the right talent partner to meet your unique hiring needs.

Insourcing vs Outsourcing Your MSP – How Do I Choose What’s Right for My Program? Blog - At times, clients pose a question that fills most MSP's with dread: "If I have the capability to run my program internally, why should I pay more to outsource it?" And the reason behind this dread is because there is some truth to it. In an effort to minimize costs, a client could directly collaborate with a VMS provider and hire a small team to manage their program instead of outsourcing to an MSP. However, it's important to note that this approach may not always be worth the cost savings.


If You're Just Getting Started in Your MSP Journey

Understanding Common MSP Solutions Blog - Every organization’s workforce has different requirements and one of the best things about an MSP program is that, in most cases, it can be fully customizable to uniquely fit your needs. But first, it's important to understand the different types of MSP solutions and why they may be beneficial to your organization.

What You Really Need from an MSP Provider Blog - After countless iterations of self-managing your contingent labor program, you've decided to take the leap and bring on a professional. You know the right Managed Services Provider (MSP) will need to seamlessly integrate with your company, have relevant industry experience, and make financial sense − but how do you know what you really need from an MSP partner? Understanding how your MSP program will operate is equally as important as who you'll ultimately select.

Talking Talent Solutions: How to Deploy a First Generation MSP Podcast - If you're curious about how MSPs can revolutionize your talent acquisition process, reduce costs, and improve overall business operations, tune in to the "Talking Talent Solutions" podcast. DZConneX provides valuable insights into deploying a first-generation MSP, the benefits they offer, and how they have evolved to meet the changing needs of organizations.

The 4 C's For Getting The Most From Your MSP eBook - The 4 C's that are discussed throughout this eBook include cost, complexity, compliance, and culture as they relate to an MSP program. We also discuss the short- and long-term goals of a contingent labor program, and you learn how to evaluate and select the right talent provider. 


If RPO or Direct Sourcing is Part of the Equation 

The Top 5 Benefits of an MSP/Direct Sourcing Solution Partnership Blog - The combination of compliance and consistency from an MSP, along with the cost savings and increased efficiency of a Direct Sourcing Solution, can truly offer the ideal solution for your organization. This partnership has the potential to evolve alongside your organization, ensuring that you effortlessly reach your talent objectives.

Why an MSP is the Perfect Partner for Delivering Your Direct Sourcing Strategy Whitepaper - An MSP can provide Managed Direct Sourcing to their clients either as an extension of their existing MSP, or stand-alone, by implementing and running a Direct Sourcing solution that provides a seamless end-to-end talent acquisition process to proactively source and submit the best qualified talent. An MSP will have the necessary tools to engage candidates better than most companies can on their own.

MSP & RPO: The Total Talent Combination of the Future Blog - The rise in combining MSP and RPO into one program drives huge benefits to the client such as a clear line of sight into the performance of the supplier, controlled costs and predictable expense for the length of any project. Combining MSP and RPO under the same umbrella leads to a partner that is going to effectively hire the right talent for the roles within your organization. 

MSP & RPO: From First Generation To Fully Integrated Blog - In order to stay competitive in workforce planning, it is essential to have a wide range of recruitment channels and flexible workforce management solutions readily available. To optimize your talent supply chain, consider blending programs like MSP and RPO into a seamlessly integrated solution. By doing so, you can ensure that your workforce planning is efficient and effective.


If You're Considering the Second Generation Stage

Motorcycle Manufacturer: Producing A Second Generation Transformation Case Study - DZConneX's client sought a reliable and accountable partner who could provide advisory and consultative support to enhance their contingent talent recruitment and management processes in challenging areas of their business. Additionally, they required assistance in implementing a suitable contingent workforce management program that could eventually transition to an internally self-managed program. Discover how our client found the perfect solution with a hybrid second generation MSP.

How to Know When It's Time to Switch Your MSP Blog - When contemplating a transition to a new MSP, it's essential to pose several crucial questions to yourself. How has my MSP contributed to technological advancements? Have they consistently surpassed my expectations and staffing requirements? What transformations has my organization undergone since implementing this MSP? The decision to either maintain or expand your current MSP partnership, or opt for a completely new provider, necessitates careful consideration of these factors. 

Talking Talent Solutions: MSP 2.0: Understanding Second Gen MSPs Podcast - In this episode of DZConneX’s podcast series, Talking Talent Solutions, we discuss the evolution of Second Generation MSP programs. We share our expert insights regarding the advantages of a Second Gen program and what companies should look for when selecting a provider.

7 Considerations for Evolving to a Second Generation Program Whitepaper - Unlocking the full potential of a Second Generation Program can be beneficial in a lot of ways. However, in order to maximize the value, it is essential to fully understand the advantages and determine the key areas of focus. Discover where to begin and gain insights into key considerations to keep in mind as you evolve your program.  

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