Whitepaper: 7 Considerations for Evolving to a Second Generation Program 


Managed Service Providers are one of the fastest growing and most widely adopted outsourcing solutions in the market today. But the MSP of pre-COVID is not the MSP of the future. If you implemented your MSP during or before COVID, your program is now operating in a completely different talent environment than when it was originally implemented. 

One way to evolve your MSP is with a Second Generation Program! Utilizing a Second Generation Program can provide a lot of value in different ways. But in order to gain as much value as you can, you must understand what the benefits are and what to focus on. 

Download this white paper to learn where to start, and what you should consider when implementing a Second Generation Program!


What You Will Learn:

  • The areas of focus that should not be overlooked when driving your program maturity
  • The benefits for implementing a Second Generation Program
  • How DZX can guide your company in making the decisions that are best for your company