Webinar:  6 Easy Steps To Develop A Winning MSP Business Case  

Providing tips to build a successful business case and tips to execute a Request For Proposal (RFP). 

Many organizations strive to build a strong workforce comprised of both contingent and permanent talent. According to Deloitte Consulting, approximately 30% of a company's procurement spend goes towards contingent labor. This presents a cost saving opportunity for businesses, and our webinar can explain how to lower these costs.

With a Managed Service Provider (MSP), experts can help your organization find the best talent, while saving you money too. Our webinar will teach you how to develop a winning MSP business case and RFP for contingent talent outsourcing. You will gain valuable insight on the benefits of implementing an MSP program as a holistic talent strategy for high volume contingent talent acquisition. 


This Webinar will help you:

-Understand the critical aspects of building an MSP business case in 6 efficient steps 

-Identify the various needs and motivations of business stakeholders 

-Learn how to seamlessly adapt to change management 

-Develop a successful RFP