eBook: What to Look for in a First-Generation MSP Program 

Finding the best MSP to meet your organization's talent needs is never easy, especially if you have never worked with an MSP before. There are so many providers to choose from, and each one offers something slightly different than the next. So how should your organization begin its journey of finding the best first-generation MSP program? 

This eBook explores 10 crucial considerations for your first-generation MSP program, including a break-down of the obstacles and benefits for each one. Focusing on these considerations will make your MSP selection process much easier, and these considerations will ensure you choose the right talent partner to meet your unique hiring needs.

Download this eBook to uncover the many benefits of a first-generation MSP model and the most efficient way to select the right provider. 


What You Will Learn:

  • The different variations of MSP models
  • The key areas to focus on while choosing your first-generation MSP
  •  How to unlock the full potential and benefits of your talent partnership 
  • DZConneX's success stories delivering first-generation MSP programs