MSP & RPO: The Total Talent Combination of the Future

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MSP & RPO: The Total Talent Combination of the Future

An ideal situation for most companies would be to acquire the best talent without necessarily having to worry about the approach on how to find said talent. It sounds almost too good to be true – but it isn’t.

Total Talent Solutions that include RPO have been growing quickly (and successfully) among organizations leveraging an MSP as more people consider how they can acquire the best of the best without necessarily having to worry about sourcing talent themselves. This approach won’t only bring you the best quality talent, but it will also allow you to control costs as well, along with many other benefits.

The Evolution of Total Talent 

In the past few years, there has been a steady increase of companies adding RPO to Total Talent Solutions. Organizations have recently been finding that their MSP solution isn’t meeting their expectations. Adding RPO into your Total Talent Solution will allow you to control costs within the rising category of contingent work, drive a better candidate experience and utilize the employer brand in a way that MSPs can’t.

Because many organizations now look less at how they can get talent from a large group of suppliers at the lowest bid and more at how to streamline the hiring processes with a focus on candidate experience, it was only a matter of time before RPO solutions became more prominent. Streamlining the hiring process like this lends a better return on companies' hiring investments, which is a powerful way to drive results in hiring quality talent. But by combining MSP and RPO instead of just switching gears and going with RPO, you still gain the benefits an MSP solution has to offer over the talent process since they would be the partner to manage your talent acquisition and management process from start to finish for you.

The Benefits of MSP and RPO 

MSP’s have certainly stepped up in recent years, becoming an invaluable partner in developing a strategy for their customers to get access to incredible talent. Many MSP’s have looked ahead to challenges in today’s contingent market such as rising pay rates, increased competition, high turnaround times and high turnover from talent, but MSP partners always find a solution. A strategic RPO partner to migrate roles that traditionally would be filled by a roster of suppliers in a VMS can now be managed successfully in an MSP environment, giving the customer both the benefits of their MSP and the service delivery of an RPO - making MSP and RPO a truly perfect Total Talent combination.

The rise in combining MSP and RPO into a Total Talent program drives huge benefits to the customer such as a clear line of sight into the performance of the supplier, controlled costs and predictable expense for the length of any project. Combining MSP and RPO under the same umbrella lends to the overall goals of achieving Total Talent success: a partner that is going to effectively hire the right talent for the roles within your organization. Strong and successful talent, regardless of whether they are a contingent or direct hire, is the overall objective of a Total Talent strategy. This strategy will lead to a lower time-to-fill and better hire quality, which ultimately benefits everyone involved.

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