Why an MSP is the Perfect Partner for Delivering Your Direct Sourcing Strategy

Discover the benefits of an MSP managing your Direct Sourcing program


With today's talent market making it more difficult than ever for companies to attract the quality talent they need, it's essential they explore new strategies to remain competitive. Candidates want companies to continuously communicate with them throughout the entire talent acquisition process, and one way to ensure this happens is through the implementation of a Direct Sourcing strategy. Direct Sourcing programs can fully automate the sourcing and pipelining process to guarantee continuous engagement. 

However, effectively deploying a Direct Sourcing strategy and managing it on an ongoing basis is a large task many companies are not ready to take on. This is where an MSP comes in. An MSP can provide Managed Direct Sourcing to their clients either as an extension of their existing MSP, or stand-alone, by implementing and running a Direct Sourcing solution that provides a seamless end-to-end talent acquisition process to proactively source and submit the best qualified talent.  An MSP will have the necessary tools to engage candidates better than most companies can on their own. 

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  • Ensure you are continuously engaging with candidates to secure the best talent
  • Remain competitive in today's changing talent market 
  • Uncover 7 benefits of partnering with an MSP to manage your Direct Sourcing 
  • Learn about the future of Direct Sourcing


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