Do you feel like you haven't quite found the perfect solution for your workforce needs? You might want to consider a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Every organization’s workforce has different requirements and one of the best things about an MSP program is that, in most cases, it can be fully customizable to uniquely fit your needs. An MSP will be able to expertly manage all of your contingent labor needs and your talent supply chain − and in DZConneX's case, can help solve your most challenging problems with our proprietary technology and our innovative approach to talent solutions. But first, it's important to understand the different types of MSP solutions and why they may be beneficial to your organization.

Vendor Neutral

A Vendor Neutral Program will focus on managing and engaging a high quality supply chain while remaining neutral to ensure broad compatibility with the ultimate goal of delivering you the best talent from the best suppliers at the best price. One of DZConneX's customers, a Regional Transmission Organization, was able to have 30+ suppliers managed with a vendor neutral program and got a 6% markup reduction for highly skilled workers. 


Master Vendor

A Master Vendor Program will deliver total talent and technology solutions directly to you without the complex involvement of multiple suppliers. This type of program will typically have a dedicated delivery team with expert recruitment knowledge that is readily available. Their only focus? Meeting your organization’s unique talent needs. Read our case study on how a diagnostics leader saved $145K+ and reduced turnover within 6 months of implementing a Master Vendor program here



A Hybrid Program is the best of both worlds in a lot of ways. A dedicated and customizable talent community is typically created distinctly for you in order to meet all of your specific talent needs. A team of program specialists, technology partners and niche suppliers  work together to create innovative solutions tailored to your organization, keeping talent, quality, and cost savings at the forefront. One of our decade-long clients was able to save $1.5 million on average per year with a hybrid program. 


From cost savings to an efficient talent supply chain, there are so many reasons to partner with an MSP. Other benefits include a dedicated implementation, a wide range of reporting & analytics, and an increased visibility of your talent. As your MSP, we will ensure that your program is uniquely configured to fulfill your talent needs. Every organization is different, so our focus is to find what works best for you to optimize your total talent supply chain and allow your organization to reach its full potential. Interested? Let's talk. 


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