If you’re reading this, chances are you have been paid for doing a job at least once in your life. Most people assume that they are being paid directly by the company they work, but it’s not always that simple. Instead, you might be getting paid by the company’s external payrolling provider – and there are many reasons why a company might choose to outsource this service.

Now if you work in the talent acquisition and management space, you might be asking yourself what a payrolling provider could do for your company and why you might consider working with one. To find out if your company can benefit from partnering with a workforce solutions provider to handle its payrolling activities, keep reading to obtain a deeper understanding of what comes next when you choose to outsource your payrolling to the experts.


What to Expect When Outsourcing Your Payrolling 

When you partner with a payrolling provider, there are many components they can handle for your organization. Most providers give you the option to customize which elements you want them to handle and which ones you want to continue to control internally. Here are some common activities you can expect a payrolling partner to take care of:

  • They act as the employer of record (EOR)
    • They act as the full legal employer of your workforce and handle all employer-related matters.
  • Proper classification of workers
  • Handle the payment process
  • Offer insurances and benefits
  • Complete all onboarding paperwork
  • Keep electronic payroll records
  • Distribute tax forms
  • Take care of employment verification requests, and more!


The Benefits of Having a Payrolling Partner 

Now that you know which business activities a payrolling partner typically covers, let’s detail some benefits of outsourcing your payrolling.

Reduced Administrative Burden

With the help of a payrolling partner, your internal teams can sit back and relax once you have a candidate identified – besides hiring managers instructing day-to-day responsibilities and approving timecards, the payrolling provider will generally take care of everything else. Outsourcing your payrolling will reduce the administrative burden for your internal team, reduce their workload, and allow them time to focus on other business-critical objectives.

Ability to Customize

A good payrolling partner gives you the opportunity to customize your solution. If you only want to utilize payroll services for a specific department, that can be done; or, if you’d like to use the provider for your entire organization, that can be done as well. Customization could also mean choosing whether or not to use a Vendor Management System (VMS), deciding tenure guidelines, or choosing an on-site or remote presence of your payrolling provider – and these are just a few ways to customize your solution. Essentially, you can have it any way you want!

Guaranteed Compliance 

Properly classifying different types of workers and paying them based on those classifications can be challenging, which is why many companies outsource this duty to the experts. You can expect your payroll provider to follow all customer requirements to ensure they’re aligned with all the compliance requirements you have. They’ll administer any client-specific NDAs, follow any driving requirements if you have driving roles, and adhere to any reasonable guideline you request.

Increased Employee Satisfaction 

It can be universally agreed that everyone wants to be paid accurately, on-time, every time. Accurately paying employees when they are supposed to is a payrolling provider’s top priority, so partnering with one ensures that your workforce is never disappointed on payday. Therefore, there will be an overall increase in employee satisfaction and retention.

Access to Technology 

A good payroll partner will have access to best-in-class technology to keep electronic records of your workers’ payment histories and provide your company visibility into all payrolling spend and activities. This technology makes the entire process more seamless and agile than it typically is when companies handle the process themselves. While top tier payrolling technologies give customers visibility into the process, the technology should also provide the customers’ contingent workers a satisfactory experience, too. For example, at DZConneX, all payrolled contingent workers have access to our onboarding platform, and once they’re hired, they do not need to re-enroll in any other systems to be able to view their paystubs, change their direct deposit information, update their address, etc. The technology turns into a self-service platform the moment they’re activated in the system, leading to a user-friendly payrolling experience.


Partnering with a payrolling provider is the gift that keeps on giving. Utilizing a payrolling provider also gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ – if you’re not looking to hire someone immediately and take on the risk or financial responsibility before you know if they will be a good worker, that responsibility falls on the provider. At DZConneX, we provide clients with a seamless payrolling experience because we care about their workforces as if they’re our own.


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