What to Expect After Being Vetted for a Client Supplier Network

Marcy Johnson
What to Expect After Being Vetted for a Client Supplier Network

Suppliers play a crucial role within the staffing industry when it comes to finding top talent. MSPs (Managed Services Providers) rely on having exceptional suppliers to fill open roles with outstanding talent for their clients. Talent Providers must complete a thorough vetting process to determine a provider’s full capabilities for support. This process can involve several steps; however, aligning a strategic supplier network is worth the effort.

 DZConneX (DZX) understands how to deliver top talent to our clients by effectively managing supplier relationships and consistently evaluating supplier performance. We utilize top metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess and discuss with our supplier partners to provide the tools for optimized support. Our methodology holds suppliers accountable regarding performance while valuing the relationship with our suppliers and clients. Are you interested in becoming a supplier for DZConneX? Here's what to expect after becoming vetted to join a specific client supplier network. 


What is Vetting?

As part of our total talent solutions roadmap when implementing programs for our clients, supplier assessment and vetting is critical to the success of our clients. DZConneX understands that every organization has different talent needs. We aim to fully understand our client's requirements and assess our supply chain to recommend targeted suppliers for an effective, optimum program delivery structure. In order to find the suppliers needed for each of our client programs, Supplier Relations consistently identifies and maintains a supplier network by utilizing alignment questionnaires and metrics to understand each supplier’s geographic and skillset capabilities. We use this information to align identified suppliers with a client program that will result in success for both the supplier and the client.


Supplier Selection Criteria 

So, exactly how does a supplier get selected for the vetting process? The supplier selection process includes an evaluation of criteria such as price, quality, capacity, responsiveness, flexibility, and reliability of each potential supplier. Factors such as skills and geographic capabilities that closely align with our client's needs are also evaluated. Suppliers play a fundamental role in the success of our clients, so it's crucial that the evaluation process gives us insight into prospective suppliers' capabilities and potential. 

Below are several steps you should expect during the onboarding process after being vetted. 


What to Expect During the Onboarding Process

Once vetted for support on a specific DZX program, a thorough onboarding process is in place to ensure proper alignment to optimize the supplier's success and support. Understanding the onboarding process when partnering with DZX on a specific client program is essential. The onboarding process typically includes the following:

•    Collection of preliminary onboarding paperwork (this includes W9, diversity certification(s), and banking information for payment account setup).
•  Review and execution of a Supplier Agreement, specifically outlining terms and conditions in place for the selected client program.
•  Certificate of Insurance, which must meet all supplier contract requirements

Ensuring that the information above is completed promptly will assist the supplier in a seamless transition into the supplier network. You can find more information about what to expect from Supplier Agreements and the contract discussion below.


What You Need to Know about Supplier Agreements

Our Supplier Agreements are written with direct flow-down requirements as captured in our Master Services Agreement with the client.  Typically, this agreement would be sent to your Legal team for review.

  • The Contract Discussion: DZConneX will partner with your organization to answer any contract questions to ensure a complete understanding and alignment of the contract requirements.
  • Setting Up the Supplier Account: Once a fully executed supplier contract and certificate of insurance (COI) have been provided, Supplier Relations will work with you to fully onboard your organization into the supplier network. This includes your supplier account that will be used for payment processing to your organization. When this process has been completed, you will be aligned in the Vendor Management System (VMS) utilized for the client program to begin assisting with support to the selected client program.


As part of our commitment to our clients and managing supplier relationships, DZConneX continuously stays on top of changing employment laws in each state our clients operate in. This ensures that every supplier meets our client's and all government-mandated standards and contractual guidelines. DZX uses supplier audits to assess supplier compliance and scorecards to evaluate performance regularly while also giving supplier recognition to high-performing suppliers within our network. 

Our expert Supplier Relations team creates the best talent supply chains in the industry and nurtures and evolves these relationships to ensure they are actively engaged. Our high standards and consistent methodology hold vendors accountable to find you the best talent, keeping your program running efficiently and continuously growing.

To learn more about becoming a member of our supplier network, click here.


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