Turning the Great Resignation Into the Great Reimagination

Chelsea Finn
Turning the Great Resignation Into the Great Reimagination

The workforce has changed dramatically in ways that nobody could have expected in the past 2+ years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes have set off an unprecedented wave of resignations with workers looking for jobs that offer more work-life balance and flexibility after the pandemic has proven that remote work is an option for many job industries. 

Additionally, a Pew Research Study survey found that there were 3 other major reasons why people are quitting their jobs,

1. Low Pay

2. A Lack of Opportunities within Their Organization

3. Feeling Disrespected at Work

As people continue to rapidly leave the workforce, employers need to implement new hiring and retention strategies to ensure people don't quit their job for any of the reasons mentioned above. Also, it's going to be essential to be flexible in terms of meeting your employees' needs to keep up with the evolving market. By staying agile and breaking down a few new goals and strategies, The Great Resignation can be an opportunity for a refresh within your organization.


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By shifting our mindsets, we can find opportunity within The Great Resignation, which could even be referred to as The Great Reimagination. The last two years have changed the workforce permanently, giving any organization the opportunity to re-evaluate everything from the ground up. For those who are experiencing waves of resignations, you should take the time to consider how to encourage employee creativity, happiness and wellness. The reality is that a happier employee is going to equal more success and productivity, for both themselves and their organization. And did you know that statistics show that employees who have strong overall wellbeing are 6x more likely to be engaged at work and are 32% more likely to stay with a company? One of the biggest ways to mitigate the impacts of the great resignation is to have a strong retention rate within your organization.

Take the time to reimagine what your organization could look like and set a few goals. What do you want to improve? Each organization may have slightly different goals but there are three in particular that are crucial today.

Download our new eBook, 6 Strategies to Find the Silver Lining of Today's Great Resignation, to learn what 3 goals you should consider to help mitigate the the effects of the Great Resignation and 6 strategies to help improve your organization during this time. 


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