Talking Talent Solutions: The RPO War for Talent

Ashley Keaveney
Talking Talent Solutions: The RPO War for Talent

The war for talent continues to plague today's talent acquisition professionals as they struggle to hire and retain top talent. Due to the emergence of social recruiting and the shifting worker-employer power dynamic, the competition is more fierce than ever for companies trying to fill jobs. However, there is a way to get ahead in this environment - you can work with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider to swiftly and efficiently optimize your organization's talent acquisition process. 

In this episode of our Talking Talent Solutions podcast series, our host, Joe McIntyre, and DZConneX's VP of Business Development, Jason Bouchard, discuss how an RPO solution can help businesses survive today's war for talent. 


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Is RPO Right for You? 

Jason starts off the podcast by sharing SIA's definition of RPO:  "the partial or full outsourcing of the internal recruitment function to a third-party specialist provider which provides necessary skills, activities, tools, technologies, related recruitment supply chain partners, and process methodologies to assume the role of the client's recruiting department." 

He shares his expertise regarding how organizations should decide if an RPO solution is the right fit for them. Here are some questions that organizations should ask themselves first: 

  • How large is our current talent acquisition team, and are they being effective? 
  • What is our current cost-per-hire?
  • Are we using an ATS, and is it helping us collect the right data?

And here are some questions organizations should ask the RPO providers they are considering working with: 

  • How much industry experience do you have? 
  • How are your RPO teams structured?
  • What technology will you bring, and can it be integrated with ours?

This just covers a few of the high-level considerations, but the selection process to accurately determine which provider can meet your organization's unique talent needs is more complex. 


How RPO Programs Face the War on Talent

So how do RPO providers overcome the market's current talent acquisition challenges? One of the most effective strategies is building and nurturing a talent pool for their clients. A good RPO provider will connect with candidates to vet them for their client's open positions, and if a candidate is not a good fit for any current positions, the RPO team will keep that candidate in their talent pool so they are readily-available to fill other positions that may arise. Keeping these connections ensures that their client's time-to-fill decreases and positions are never left empty for long. 

The customizable and scalable nature of RPO programs also adds to their success rates. Jason explains that good RPO providers, including DZConneX, focus on creating a unique solution to meet each clients' needs; every solution is different than the next. RPO clients will also benefit from their program's scalability. The provider will be there to assist the client as soon as they need it, and the provider will also scale back their services as soon as the client requests it. This flexibility leads to seamless processes and cost savings. 


Ensure Your Provider Is Operating at Max Efficiency

Once your organization implements an RPO program, you need to make sure they are operating at maximum efficiency and no resources are being wasted. Make sure open communication, innovation, and workforce planning always exists with your provider. Jason closes out the podcast by sharing common mistakes that organizations make at the beginning of their RPO journey and ways to avoid these mistakes. 

To listen to the full podcast, gain additional expert insights, and learn what DZConneX's dedicated RPO teams can do for your organization, click here.


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