The Flexibility of On Demand RPO

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The Flexibility of On Demand RPO

Hiring has never been more challenging. For companies that are looking to spike their hiring efforts into the holidays or the New Year, there is a lot to consider. While many companies are trying to better leverage their employer brand to attract and retain quality talent, corporate hiring practices can’t always keep up with the pace of seasonal demands. The competition for seasonal talent is extremely high and companies will often go to an outside agency in a reactive effort to make up what is lost at the last minute. This tends to happen even more when there is a gap in hiring needs to results, which is exactly where many organizations are right now.

What organizations need in this current talent market is a partner that can be proactive in sourcing and scale quickly while still leveraging the employer brand to attract talent. By partnering with a firm that can offer a flexible, on demand recruitment solution to seasonal hiring, organizations can still leverage their own employer brand while also going above and beyond their hiring goals. All of this can happen while simultaneously sending a message to the talent marketplace that the organization’s hiring process is seamless to the corporate brand and process.

DZConneX calls this solution On Demand RPO. Solutions like this are growing in popularity against traditional staffing solutions, and rightly so, because the need to leverage all the assets in the bag to attract and retain talent is bigger than ever. Companies want control when it comes to how their employer brand is being represented in the marketplace and how it’s correlating with talent attraction. An RPO partner has the ability to quickly deploy resources for short-term hiring spikes or seasonal peaks that can perfectly mirror the efforts of the corporate talent acquisition group. This can be done by augmenting the hiring needs of their customer to drive a faster time to hire and improved efficiency while still utilizing the client’s employer brand – all of this at a lower cost than traditional agencies.

As a result, more organizations are looking towards RPO to accelerate their seasonal hiring. The quick to deploy, affordable and effective solution that most organizations need to beat the competition is easily an added bonus to any talent acquisition effort. The benefits of an On Demand RPO solution align perfectly with the challenges companies face this time of year, and leverage all the best practices companies need to utilize in today’s competitive talent market.

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