The Flexibility of On Demand RPO

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The Flexibility of On Demand RPO

Hiring has never been more challenging than it is today. Due to economic factors our of companies' control, the hiring market is often fluctuating and difficult to navigate. There are many factors for companies to consider when it comes to deciding what the best talent acquisition strategy is to succeed in this current market.  

How Can I Navigate Today's Talent Market? 

While many companies are trying to better leverage their employer brand to attract and retain quality talent, employer brand can only help so much in this market. The competition for top talent is extremely high when the economy is doing well and companies are eager to hire. Therefore, some companies will struggle to hire top candidates, so they end up turning to a talent partner in a reactive effort to make up what is lost before they fall too far behind their competition. This tends to happen even more when there is a gap between annual hiring goals and results, which is exactly where many organizations are right now.

What organizations need to navigate this current talent market is a partner that can be proactive in sourcing and scale quickly while still leveraging their clients' employer brand to attract talent. And they need to establish a partnership with the talent partners sooner rather than later to be prepared for hiring surges and avoid missed opportunities. By partnering with a firm that can offer a flexible, on demand recruitment solution to hire candidates only when the company needs to, organizations can leverage the provider's services as needed.

Not only can a talent partner fulfill your hiring needs while keeping up with the ever-changing market, they can also provide best practice advice to optimize your employer brand, improve your onboarding experience, provide enhanced technology, etc. A talent partner can essentially transform your organization.  


On Demand RPO 

At DZConneX, we call this solution On Demand RPO. Solutions like this are growing in popularity against traditional staffing solutions, and rightfully so, because it's the best method to handle an unpredictable market. An RPO partner has the ability to quickly deploy resources for hiring spikes and get new talent through the door in no time, and they also have the ability to sit back when a hiring freeze occurs. With an On Demand RPO solution, the RPO team can leverage their talent acquisition expertise along with the client’s employer brand to efficiently hire top candidates at a moment's notice – all while saving costs compared to a full end-to-end RPO program. 

More and more organizations are looking towards On Demand RPO solutions as a quick-to-deploy, affordable, and effective solution that most organizations need to stay ahead of the competition in their talent acquisition efforts. The benefits of an On Demand RPO solution align perfectly with the challenges companies face at this time, and leverage all the best practices companies need to utilize in today’s competitive, and often daunting, talent market.

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