Optimizing the Talent Acquisition Process for Higher Education Institutions

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Optimizing the Talent Acquisition Process for Higher Education Institutions

Higher education institutions are unique when it comes to hiring talent. There are many jobs that need to be filled for a higher education institution to run efficiently, from groundskeepers to educators to IT professionals, each position requires different skillsets and hiring methods to engage the best candidates.

On top of that, demand continuously fluctuates for these institutions which further complicates the talent acquisition process. Demand for talent surges at the beginning of the school year and during campus events, and demand falls during winter and summer breaks, forcing them to scale their hiring to meet these ever-changing needs.

To help meet their unique TA needs, many institutions seek guidance from talent solutions providers, like DZConneX. Our talent experts deliver customized solutions, typically a Managed Services Provider (MSP) or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program, for higher education institutions. Let’s explore the reasons why MSP and RPO solutions are often the optimal path for colleges and universities to achieve their hiring goals.


The Benefits of MSP

Higher education institutions often have decentralized systems and processes due to the many schools and departments within one university.  Because of this, there is a lack of visibility into all internal processes and procedures. These decentralized programs lead different schools and departments to create and implement their own hiring strategies.

In a decentralized program, it’s nearly impossible to have a clear line of insight into what’s happening across the entire organization. For example, every department could unknowingly be using the same suppliers to fill similar open roles at different rates. This is why an MSP solution is often the best method to solve the issue of decentralization. An MSP will manage the supplier rates, distribute requisitions, provide a standard onboarding process, give visibility into spend and most importantly decrease costs.

With an MSP, all hiring activities can be handled under the same umbrella. This creates transparency and eliminates confusion across all schools and departments, leading to improved efficiency. An MSP program can significantly improve an institution’s talent acquisition and management process and create unity among the organization.


The Benefits of RPO 

An RPO solution is ideal for some higher education institutions for several reasons − one of the most important being the scalability of an RPO program. RPO providers handle an organization’s entire talent acquisition process by implementing a full end-to-end solution, or they can just take control of certain parts of the process. This includes candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, offers, onboarding, and reporting, to name a few. A good talent partner will provide clients with as much or as little talent acquisition assistance as they want; it’s completely up to the client. This high-touch, flexible approach makes RPO the perfect solution for a higher education institutions fluctuating hiring needs.

As your RPO provider, DZConneX brings the latest and greatest technology to stay engaged with talent throughout the talent acquisition process. Our experts utilize best-in-class Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and other predictable systems and tools to ensure a seamless hiring process for every candidate.

Being conscious of the candidate experience is the key to finding the best talent. Highly-trained  RPO program teams and recruiters act as a seamless extension of the client’s talent acquisition team and become immersed in their culture. Our recruiters are dedicated to only one client to ensure each client receives the full attention they deserve. Our experienced teams know how to deliver a premier candidate experience which improves the attraction and retention rates of the best talent.


Building Partnerships that Last

Higher education institutions have prestigious reputations to uphold, so they need a talent partner that they can genuinely trust. DZConneX builds valuable partnerships with our clients that last – rather than providing a one-time solution. The goal of a true talent partner is to evolve with their clients and continuously create efficiencies in every way they can, ultimately leading to the best hires to help maximize business results.

The right RPO and MSP providers will assure hiring managers that they will receive the most qualified talent to support their requirements, while providing the institution with best practices and delivering cost savings. 


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