Managing Offer Letters And Compliance For A Multinational Giant

Ashley Keaveney
Managing Offer Letters And Compliance For A Multinational Giant

writing-1149962_1920Meeting compliance guidelines for every individual that enters an organization is vital to the success of any company. The IRS sets strict compliance guidelines that vary for different states and can change at a moment's notice. In order to prevent potential penalties/fines for being noncompliant, companies must stay up-to-date with the rules and have processes in place to ensure they are being followed. Some organizations find this challenging so they ask talent experts to help them, which is why DZConneX's (DZX's) client turned to us. 


The Dilemma 

Our client, an international conglomerate with 300,000+ employees across 10+ divisions, needed expert assistance to ensure that they were meeting all compliance guidelines. As a company hiring more than 1,000 individuals a month across multiple industries with needs ranging from engineering to office administration to highly-skilled manual labor, it's no surprise that they were facing compliance challenges.  Their hiring managers and recruiters were trying to keep track of the high volume of talent entering the organization each day while also keeping up with the latest compliance guidelines. To ease this burden for our client, DZX stepped in to augment their talent processes. 


The Strategy

DZX's client needed an agile team that's continuously educated on national and statewide compliance regulations to efficiently manage their talent as it enters their organization. Our client was keeping track of their talent manually which made little sense, so we tested, assisted and validated the implementation of an e-filing system. With this innovative talent tracking system in place, our client saved time and eliminated the burden of compliance issues for hiring managers. 


The Impact 

When hiring managers can focus solely on the hiring of an individual and don't have to worry about strict compliance standards and the technical details on new talent entering their organization, their lives become much easier. Our clients hiring managers can focus more on identifying and attracting the best talent with DZX's experts handling their compliance checks and onboarding process. DZX was able to provide visibility into our client's talent pool and talent acquisition processes, creating organization and consistency across their company. 


DZX Managing Co-Employment Risks


View the full case study for additional insight into how DZX helped our client overcome their compliance challenges. 


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