Bringing A Publisher Into A 21st Century MSP

Ashley Keaveney
Bringing A Publisher Into A 21st Century MSP

hand drawn texture globe with blank social media diagram on digital tablet computer as internet concept and bokeh exposureIn this day and age, nearly every organization has gotten rid of their paper documents and transitioned to digital methods. Recording everything on paper if a waste of resources when technology is available that allows for a significantly more efficient process.

One of DZConneX's (DZX's) clients, a leader in the publishing industry, was operating their business primarily using paper documentation, and they knew they needed to change. To help them change their inefficient processes, they called on DZX's experts to examine and augment their internal procedures. 


The Dilemma 

Our client was tracking and managing their contingent workforce using inefficient and outdated processes. Their outdated processes were time-consuming and preventing the company from having valuable insight into their contingent workforce activities. With a contingent workforce consisting of anywhere from 500 to 1,000 individuals at any given time, our client had an almost constant flow of contingent talent going in and out of their organization everyday.

The tracking of these workers was done almost entirely on paper including paper timesheets, collection boxes, and mail tracking systems. This lead to limited time recording capabilities, and it left managers without proper knowledge of who was actively working and what their duties were. They needed to make the vital change to more modern processes in order to efficiently keep track of this large number of workers. 


The Strategy

DZX's experts determined that the best solution for this client would only be possible with DZX as their Managed Services Provider (MSP). Consistent standard and automated processes were implemented across the organization to ensure compliance. Our experts updated their manual payrolling and contingent workforce management processes to modern processes utilizing innovative technology platforms, eliminating wasted time and disorganization. As our client's MSP, DZX handled the contingent talent acquisition and management. This allowed our client's internal recruiters to focus on other important job duties while we handled what we do best, the talent. 


The Impact 

Newly introduced digital processes made contingent workforce management and payment more efficient than ever before. Our program eliminated outdated, time-consuming practices and optimized contingent labor spending. With a fully optimized payroll system and an MSP that provided efficiencies at every turn, DZX's client was able to identify savings it never knew it had. Our client now knows where to allocate its resources to keep its business moving forward thanks to their newfound visibility into all aspects of their talent. 




To learn more about this successful overhaul of outdated talent management processes, check out the full case study. 


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