An Irrefusable Offer: Managing Offer Letters And Compliance For A Multinational Giant 

Strategic Achievements

  • 12,000+ job offers per year   
  • Installed multi-step check to assure regulatory compliance 
  • Tested, assisted and validated the roll-out of an e-filing system

What DZX Brought To The Table

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing 
  • Offer Letter and Compliance Services 


Degree of Difficulty

  • 8/10
  • Unique variety of compliance issues to oversee 
  • Speed & efficiency in submissions required 
  • Critical intermediary between candidate and hiring manager 

The Dilemma

For a company with 300,000+ employees across 10+ divisions, ensuring that every job requisition, job offer and candidate hired follows correct compliance regulations isn’t just difficult—it’s almost impossible. With the amount of job offers being processed on a daily basis (sometimes hundreds), hiring managers and recruiters have a difficult time keeping up with them while also staying up-to-date on the latest compliance changes. Our client, a multinational giant, was facing these talent acquisition challenges, so they turned to our talent experts for some guidance. 


The Strategy

With 12,000+ job offers per year across various employment types, industries and geographic regions, DZConneX’s (DZX's) client needed an agile team that’s also continuously educated on national and statewide compliance regulations. Their inefficient talent acquisition and management processes needed an overhaul if they wanted to operate their business successfully. Keeping track of their talent manually made little sense, so we tested, assisted and validated the roll-out of an e-filing system to improve their processes. The implementation of this innovative process saved our client time and eliminated the burden of compliance problems for hiring managers. 


The Impact

When hiring managers only have to handle hiring and don't have to worry about compliance guidelines and the technical details of new talent entering their organization, their lives become much easier. With DZX handling their compliance and onboarding, our clients hiring managers could focus more on identifying and attracting the best talent. DZX provided visibility into our client's talent pool and hiring processes, creating organization and consistency across their company. As the first official line of communication new hires have, DZX's experts ensure that the first impression they show is a strong one.


DZX's Multi-Step Offer Compliance Checklist Includes: 

  • Interview Evaluation Report
  • Hiring from the Government Compliance Review 
  • Requisition/Offer Accuracy Check
  • Relocation Compliance Check
  • Internal/External Job Requirement(s)
  • Posting Period Check
  • Job Folder Compliance Review
  • VISA/Eligibility Check
  • Source-of-Hire Check
  • Non-Compete Clause (NCC) Assurance 
  • No-Hire/Non-Solicit Review
  • Background and Drug Screen Verification 


Because of their immense size and the number of individuals they employ, conglomerates face challenges few other companies do. And the more industries in which a conglomerate operates, the more complex the management of that company becomes. Many organizations find it difficult to quickly hire 30 individuals for a short-term job, so it's no surprise that an organization would find it difficult to hire 1,000+ individuals a month across multiple industries with needs that range from engineering to office administration to highly-skilled manual labor.

Such was the case for DZX’s client, an international conglomerate with 300,000+ employees working in a variety of industries from health care to aviation. With more than 12,000 job offers sent to candidates annually, it’s nearly impossible for hiring managers to stay up-to-date on every state’s compliance regulations. And for those managers in charge of hiring dozens of employees at a time, ensuring everyone gets properly onboarded with background checks, drug screenings and eligibility checks wouldn’t leave much time for them to actually manage that talent. To handle that workload the company called on DZX, so we introduced a team of experts fluent in every compliance regulation across the country.


DZX Why It Might Be Time To Outsource


An Offer To Manage

Processing a candidate acceptance and offer letter is complicated, especially for a company with hundreds of thousands of employees. Few people realize what is involved beyond sending an offer to the candidate and receiving a signed copy back.

For our client, once a hiring manager decides to submit an offer to a candidate, DZX takes over and is responsible for everything from the time of the offer request until a candidate is ready to be officially onboarded by the company. This includes the burdensome process of ensuring individuals conform to regulatory compliance. From background checks and drug screenings to relocation checks and reviews of any potential candidates with government experience, DZX’s multi-step checklist thoroughly examines the candidate to provide the company with full assurance that the individual is fit to work for the company.

After the candidate has been marked compliant, our talent experts create the offer letter and send it to the hiring team for approval. Once the candidate has accepted the position, DZX then evaluates more compliance checks including visa requirements and ensuring any non-competes have been reviewed, before processing the acceptance, updating the individual’s status and sending the individual to be officially onboarded through the company’s system.

With a company as big as our client, this process requires compliance expertise in hundreds of industries, cities, and states. So DZX in conjunction with the client created an innovative system to verify each employment regulation at every level. If a compliance issue is discovered along the way, DZX’s compliance matrix makes it easy to identify what went wrong and provides a solution to the problem so it gets resolved quickly. Neither the candidate nor the hiring manager ever misses a beat with our process. And if compliance issues seem to be occurring often, our experts consult with division leads to evaluate processes and determine a solution. This enables hiring managers to get ahead of any potential issues before DZX's teams have to jump in, allowing our client to save time and money in the long run.


The Only Way

With 12,000 offers a year for jobs around the country, you’d be justified in assuming it would require a team of 150 to handle them. But fortunately, DZX excels in being nimble. Using a team of just 20 talent specialists, DZX is able to stay ahead of compliance regulations while keeping costs at a minimum for our clients.

Although our team is nimble, it doesn’t mean any of our famous high-touch approach is ever lost. At least three times per week, DZX specialists follow up with hiring managers to check on any hang-ups in the offer process, keeping a continuous line of communication open. And the same goes for candidates. DZX's team sets up shop in the client’s office so they are present to ensure nothing falls between the cracks. Our talent experts reach out to candidates twice a week to make sure the offer and acceptance process is going smoothly and nothing is getting lost along the way. As the first interaction many candidates have as they begin their career with the company, DZX's specialists work to ensure that all-important first impression is a strong one.

Throughout this long-term relationship, DZX has partnered with the client to identify challenges and implement systematic changes to ensure every aspect of the company’s hiring process is operating at optimum efficiency. That includes helping the client as it moved from a manual offer/acceptance process to a best-in-class e-filing process. Now, the client can see a candidate's hiring status at a moment’s notice, bringing greater visibility and time-savings across the organization. As the company has entrusted DZX with more complex assignments over the years, the relationship has taken a more consultative approach. As a valued partner, our expert team advises the conglomerate in a number of areas regarding its hiring practices and identifies challenges and solutions within their company wherever possible.

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