Attracting Gen Z Talent in 2023 and Beyond

Ashley Keaveney
Attracting Gen Z Talent in 2023 and Beyond

A new generation of workers, Gen Z, is quickly entering the employment landscape, and it’s vital that companies understand who they are and how to recruit them. Gen Z includes people born between 1997 and 2012, which makes them the people currently graduating high school and college and beginning their job search journey. Each generation has a unique set of criteria that helps them select an employer, and talent acquisition professionals must understand the new criteria if they want to attract top Gen Z talent. As Gen Z talent continues their entrance into the workforce, companies who want to recruit and retain this demographic need to adapt their hiring process to target Gen Z’s needs. Here are some things to keep in mind to effectively engage and hire the new generation of workers.


Tips for Recruiting Gen Z Talent 

Gen Z wants some of the universal perks when looking for an employer − a good salary, benefits, work-life balance, and flexibility. However, they expect companies to provide some additional things that are unique to their generation throughout the talent acquisition process. 


Digital-First Recruitment Experience 

The world Gen Z grew up in has had an immense impact on what they want companies' talent acquisition and hiring processes to be like.  They grew up with a forward-thinking approach to technology. The Gen Z demographic has always been able to get things done with the push of a button, and they expect the same during the recruitment experience. 

Here are some tools that your company should consider incorporating into your Gen Z talent acquisition strategy:

  • Social Media 
    Gen Z has been immersed in the social media world most of their lives, and companies need to be taking advantage of this opportunity. Optimize your organization's website and social media presence because Gen Z is definitely looking at it during the initial stages of the talent acquisition process. Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok are Gen Z's most used platforms, so spreading the word about your company on these platforms to specifically target Gen Z could be beneficial to your company. 

  • Texting
    Texting is typically this generation's preferred form of communication. This isn't to say you should get rid of email communication, but it's worth recognizing the potential in keeping Gen Z talent engaged via text message. Utilizing AI and texting automation to keep communication with candidates flowing throughout the talent acquisition process will ensure they don't forget about your company and they feel connected throughout the process. 

  • Application Tools 
    Gen Z is all about reaching maximum efficiency through technology; they want to be able to apply for a job at anytime, from anywhere, on any device. It's best to create a talent acquisition process driven by advanced sourcing tools that provide a quick and seamless candidate experience. 


DEI Matters

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is core to this generation. Equitable treatment for employees of all races and genders is of the utmost importance to Gen Z. Employers need to focus on fostering an environment that prioritizes DEI if they want Gen Z talent to be on their side.

Mention your organization's DEI initiatives in your job descriptions to spark initial attraction, then include more information about your company's values, mission, and DEI stance on your website. If your company does not genuinely express that it cares about the fair treatment of all workers, Gen Z will choose to work for other companies whose employer brand reflect their focus on DEI. 


Provide Developmental Opportunities

The Gen Z population wants to learn. According to a recent survey given to Gen Z, when thinking about their first full-time job, 67% of survey respondents said they want to work at companies that will "enable them to learn skills to advance their career".

Companies should be eager to hire Gen Z talent because they bring a fresh perspective to the workplace, as they have the most recent academic knowledge, but a good employer will make sure their employees have the opportunity to continuously learn. 


The Power of Referrals

A recent report revealed that referrals from current or former employees are the favorite way of learning about potential job opportunities for 60% of Gen Z students. One way to adapt your strategy to attract the Gen Z demographic would be creating an employee referral incentive program for your current workforce. Reward employees with a bonus or extra PTO, for example, if they refer a candidate to your company who turns out to be a successful new hire. 


As some Gen Z members have joined the workforce over the past few years, organizations are starting to gain a better understanding of their wants and needs. Companies who recognize the unique job search values, preferences, and priorities of this generation need to take them into consideration when adapting their talent acquisition process to attract Gen Z talent. With the tips mentioned above, companies should have no problem recruiting this generation's top performers and accommodating their workplace needs. 


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