Technology and Its Effects on Talent Attraction & Diversity in Your Total Talent Program

Chelsea Finn
Technology and Its Effects on Talent Attraction & Diversity in Your Total Talent Program

Technology plays an important role when it comes to talent attraction and diversity in your Total Talent Program. The candidate experience is one of the most important things that should be driving technology within your Total Talent Program in order to attract and retain talent, including diverse talent.

There are 3 things that you need to keep top of mind when it comes to technology and the candidate experience: accessibility, mobility and usability. Are candidates able to easily apply? Are your tools accessible to them? Is your application process compatible with multiple types of devices? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself.  You'll want to make sure that candidates are engaged early on in the hiring process. If you're seeing a high level of turnover, look at your strategy. Using technology to track the reasons why people are leaving can help redirect your sourcing and recruitment process. 

Utilizing technology can make your recruitment team more efficient in more ways than tracking turnover metrics (although that's really useful as well). AI sourcing technology can let you know who some of the best passive and active candidates might be for an open role within your organization. Once you're engaging with candidates, continue to utilize technology with things like delivering messages via text message or  using an online scheduling tool.  Again, consider the accessibility, mobility and usability factors for the best candidate experience. 

So, how does utilizing technology affect diversity within your workforce and Total Talent Program? You can use technology to ensure that you're attracting candidates based on their skillset and experience. Leverage different technology and partnerships to help engage the candidate talent pool. Supporting diverse owned suppliers is critical but we have to look at the actual candidates that are coming from the suppliers. It's important to be able to analyze the data and ensure you have a diverse talent pool and that nobody is feeling excluded from a job opportunity. If  you don't have a diverse talent pool, you should be working with companies and utilizing technology that can help connect with diverse groups so that you can amplify job opportunities to those groups. Also, ensure that your job descriptions are using inclusive language. 

Total Talent is all about getting the right skillset and the right person in the job. Focus on automation and building talent pools across all different categories from contingent workers to independent contractors and keep in mind that there isn't one solution that solves everything. Ensure that you're picking technology that talks to each other in order to keep the hiring process efficient and the talent pool wide. And lastly, always try to be proactive versus reactive in your Technology and Total Talent journey. 


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