Client Road Mapping: How an MSP Can Support the Journey to Total Talent Management

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Client Road Mapping: How an MSP Can Support the Journey to Total Talent Management

Managing your contingent workforce on your own can be difficult. But with the help of a Managed Services Provider (MSP), talent acquisition and management have never been easier. The right MSP will help your organization attract and retain the best contingent workers to fit your unique workforce needs.

But in order for an MSP program to deliver maximum impact, a needs analysis must first be conducted with the proper stakeholders from both organizations, followed by a subsequent action plan to ensure the solution will be customized to solve your organization’s specific Total Talent needs.


Beginning Your Total Talent Journey 

To begin the journey to a Total Talent solution, DZConneX as your MSP provider would start by scoping your company to see where you are in your existing talent process and determine where you need to be. The best way to shape an MSP business plan is to collaboratively build a roadmap detailing each action that should be taken for the successful delivery of an MSP solution. A client roadmap serves as a holistic visual representation of the shared program goals from the initial client needs analysis and planning, to implementation and continuous program development and expansion.

Before creating a roadmap, talent experts need to analyze the client’s exiting workforce along with all processes associated with their workforce. This includes their acquisition and management strategy, the technology they’re utilizing, their payroll process, etc. The dedicated DZConneX team assigned to work with you will go through a comprehensive series of questions that will help document your current state and the future talent goals that you hope to achieve through an MSP partnership.

We will also look to determine what’s working well within your exiting talent acquisition infrastructure and where there may be improvement opportunities to integrate solutions within your existing processes, thus reducing costs and minimizing disruption. Changing your entire infrastructure is not our goal; we only pivot and implement new strategies where it makes sense and will ultimately lead to improvements within your organization.


Building a Roadmap Configured to Your Organization 

Our team of MSP solution design experts will then partner with your TA and Procurement leaders to create a solutions roadmap breaking down how the program will gradually expand and mature over time. The level of the solution's complexity and pace of evolution is largely dependent on the initial program maturity, executive sponsorship, and client culture – there is no one-size fits all approach.

For example, a first generation MSP program may take 5+ years to evolve into a Total Talent solution, whereas a more mature 2nd or 3rd generation MSP program may be ready to elevate and integrate new components into their program (RPO, SOW, Direct Sourcing, IC compliance, Payrolling, etc.) more expeditiously.

When done right, the MSP solutions team will facilitate, listen, and document the roadmap’s components and structure with the key client stakeholders driving and directing the discussion. This collaborative analysis of your existing contingent talent model and vision for the future will start to come together as a holistic guide for your Total Talent journey.


Adaptability Is Key 

Another key factor that will contribute to the success of your roadmap is flexibility. While the roadmap’s purpose is prominently designed to provide structure, it should not be too rigid to the point that you are not able to course correct as business needs change. A typical roadmap details a 3-5 year plan, so it’s inevitable that something within your organization or in the external market will change throughout that period, which is why keeping the strategy agile and adaptable allows the roadmap to stay relevant and aligned to the continuous evolution of your business.

As we move through the Total Talent journey with our clients, we will execute quarterly tracking reviews to check in and see if our plan is being implemented properly and is achieving the goals that had been set. If the quarterly tracking reveals that something needs to change, the fluid model will allow us to seamlessly pivot to get back on track and realigned with the client’s goals. Having a guide to reference periodically will ensure we are not missing any key steps throughout the process or missing any chances to deliver maximum value to your organization.


The roadmap also serves as a tool to showcase the program successes and future plans to client sponsors’ and stakeholders’ throughout the course of the relationship to help drive program adoption, satisfaction, and support. Having a developed roadmap to show them will help them understand the benefits of having a talent partner and the many benefits that an MSP partnership has in terms of delivering efficiencies, cost savings, and overall value to your business.


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