Back to Work: Outside Perspectives: Continuing the Conversation with Barry Asin (Part 2)

Ashley Keaveney
Back to Work: Outside Perspectives: Continuing the Conversation with Barry Asin (Part 2)

Continuing the Conversation with Barry Asin, President at Staffing Industry Analysts 

The U.S. workforce has endured many changes over the past few years, and it's still continuing to change today. One of the most notable differences is that we are living in a candidate's market. A candidate-driven environment creates new circumstances for the talent market, and employers need to be prepared to adapt to this new environment.  

In this episode of our 'Back to Work' podcast series, Barry Asin, President at Staffing Industry Analysts, and Joe McIntyre, our host, discuss the current state and potential future state of the U.S. workforce and economy. As an expert in workforce trends and development, Barry provides great insight into these topics throughout the podcast. 


Listen to the podcast below: 


Unionization of Workers 

Unionization is one of the workforce trends that has become more prevalent recently. Barry and Joe discuss how we have been seeing more high-profile union activities and strikes being shared on news platforms as employees band together to request some crucial changes in the workplace. 

One reason that unionization has been brought to our attention is because of the shifting power dynamic between employees and employers. In today's candidate-market, employees have more control that they used to, so they are not afraid to stand up for what they want in the workplace. Through unionization, they can demand to be treated right and compensated fairly for their contributions in an organized fashion. Companies need to be prepared to face employees who are unionizing and determine what the right path forward will be for their organization. 


Focus on Making Your Jobs More Attractive 

Companies making their jobs more attractive is one way to keep their employees happy and avoid unionization. Barry recognizes that their is no universal magic solution for company leaders to increase the attractiveness of their jobs, but there are certain truths to keep in mind. 

Company leaders also need to foster an authentic company culture. Today's candidates want to work for an organization that respects them and gives them a valuable voice. Being a purpose-driven company, working towards goals that make the world a better place, and focusing on DEI initiatives are also a vital part of enhancing your employer brand. Some things that used to just be nice perks for companies to offer in the past are now necessary to attract and retain top talent. 


To close out the podcast, Barry shares what leaves him optimistic and what concerns him about the talent industry and its economy in the next five years. In short, he is optimistic about the future of workplace flexibility, people's mindsets in the workplace, and the potential for innovation. He is concerned about navigating uncharted territory and the possibility of people's work environments returning to the way they used to be. 

To hear Barry and Joe's full conversation, tune into the podcast here. 


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