5 Must-Read Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Chelsea Finn
5 Must-Read Diversity & Inclusion Resources

No matter what your profession is or what industry you're in - diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is something that should be at the forefront of your organization's discussions and a critical part of their decisions. Any organization that isn't actively trying to better their DE&I initiatives is going to fall behind their competitors in more ways than one - whether it's with talent, employee morale, retention and more. Creating a culture of inclusion and belonging where respect, dignity and collaboration drive innovative solutions should be your goal. And that's not going to happen unless you can ensure that all people are represented and are not only welcomed but also valued within your organization.

DZConneX (DZX) fosters and participates in diversity and inclusion efforts both as a global workforce solutions company and as part of the overall efforts of our parent company, Day & Zimmermann. DZX embraces diversity and inclusion and thrives on learning so that our employees feel respected and invited to contribute to the success of our company, clients, suppliers and communities. You can read more about DZConneX's commitment to diversity here

DZX is attending the upcoming HRO Today Inclusion Summit once again on September 6th - 7th in Alexandria, VA. It's going to be a great opportunity to learn success factors common across the DEI initiatives that yielded the most significant, scalable, quantifiable, and sustained impact for organizations across the country. Having a better understanding of effective strategies and identifying less successful approaches can assist leaders in making meaningful and lasting transformations. 

Day & Zimmermann's Vice President of Talent, Diversity & Inclusion, Regina Blair, will be holding a session on Exploring Intersectionality: Embracing Our Diverse Identities in the Workplace at the Inclusion Summit on Thursday, September 7th at 9:15am. You can learn more about Regina's session and what to expect at the Inclusion Summit here

Below are five Diversity & Inclusion resources ranging from case studies to podcasts to check out today. 

eBook: Incorporating Diversity into a Total Talent Program

Learn more about tactical ways to further your company's diversity and inclusion strategies and strengthen your supplier network with a total talent solution. This eBook will help you promote inclusive practices for a total talent solution, engage a diverse supplier base, establish diversity tracking metrics and more. 

Read the eBook here.


Case Study: Improving Supply Chain Quality with a Focus on Diversity for a First Generation Program

A public water utilities company that's been a first generation program with DZX for nearly a decade was looking for ways to improve their overall contingent hiring process with a strategic focus on diversity. The client wanted to introduce controls, standardize the supplier program and increase diversity spend. The issue? The program was decentralized and had an inconsistent hiring process which resulted in poor candidate quality, no on-boarding process, remote locations that lacked support from their suppliers and varied contract terms and pricing that were a significant risk for our client.

Learn how DZConneX was able to help here


Case Study: Tracking Contingent Worker and Candidate Diversity for a Multinational Digital Entertainment Conglomerate

One of DZConneX’s clients was looking to track diversity metrics for the first time but this data wasn't currently available to them so they reached out to DZX for help. The goal would be to track whether or not contingent workers and candidates were diverse and whether or not they were a veteran. From there, DZX would look into the best way to consistently track this data.

You can learn more here


Blog: 4 Keys to a Successful Supplier Diversity Program (and How it Benefits Your Bottom Line)

Across all industries, multiple studies show that embracing a strategic Supplier Diversity Program not only benefits the owners of these diverse businesses, but plainly indicates a significant difference in your brand reputation and your bottom line. But what exactly is Supplier Diversity and why is it important?

Find out by reading the blog here


Podcast: Are Companies Keeping Their Promise of Increasing Diversity?

In our Back to Work podcast series, Joe McIntyre, our host, and Regina Blair, Day & Zimmermann's Vice President of Talent, Diversity and Inclusion, discuss key strategies on improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They talk about the benefits of having a genuinely diverse workforce and how this gives companies a competitive advantage. They also offer key strategies companies can implement to increase diversity in the workplace to ensure that all people are represented and feel genuinely welcomed and valued.

Be sure to check out both part 1 and part 2


You can find more diversity & inclusion resources here including a blog post on 6 Ways to Improve Gender Diversity When Recruiting, How to Encourage Diversity in Job Listings, and How You Can Hire a Diverse Workforce and Have an Inclusive Workplace and more. 


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