3 Components of a Successful 2nd Generation MSP Program

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3 Components of a Successful 2nd Generation MSP Program

In the current job market, where candidates have more power and options, organizations face challenges when it comes to finding, hiring, and keeping top talent. However, organizations that partner with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) have an advantage over those managing their talent acquisition and management internally. This advantage may not hold true for some organizations that are unhappy with their MSP partners due to a specific reason: their MSP is transitioning to an offshore delivery model.

Amid challenging economic conditions, certain MSPs are opting to switch to an offshore delivery model to reduce expenses. Unfortunately, this change is negatively impacting the level of service received by their longstanding clients. These organizations had relied on their MSPs for years to improve their talent acquisition process, but they are now witnessing a decline in the outcomes they used to achieve when the MSPs provided onshore services. An offshore delivery model is often associated with drawbacks such as ineffective communication, delayed delivery, diminished personal connection, and reduced visibility and control. 



3 Components of a Successful MSP Program 

To ensure client satisfaction, DZConneX is committed to maintaining an onshore delivery model for our MSP solutions. Our years of experience have shown that three key components are crucial for successful program delivery:


Onshore Resources 

By exclusively relying on local resources, we guarantee efficient fulfillment of clients' talent needs and improved customer satisfaction. Quick turnaround and clear communication are vital to organizations, and these are best achieved through onshore resources. With an onshore program delivery model, we can promptly address client requests by tapping into local talent. Clients prefer to avoid delays associated with offshore resources or potential miscommunication with foreign entities.

Additionally, by operating onshore, we possess extensive market knowledge, established relationships with top local suppliers, a deep understanding of client needs, and compliance with local regulations. Choosing an MSP that strictly follows onshore procedures leads to higher program satisfaction compared to offshore counterparts.


Dedicated Program Teams

Assigning dedicated program teams to each client is another crucial aspect of a successful MSP program. At DZConneX, our program teams are not shared across multiple clients, ensuring undivided attention to individual clients. This dedicated approach allows the team to actively engage with clients, deeply understand their business, align program goals with their needs, and deliver services effectively. It also streamlines communication by establishing a single point of contact between the client's talent acquisition team and suppliers.

This focused partnership fosters continuous growth, as the team becomes invested in the client's success, measures TA performance through advanced reporting and analytics, and adapts strategies as needed. A lasting partnership is built, helping the client's business thrive over time.


Visibility and Control 

A reputable MSP provider ensures clients have visibility into all program activities and the ability to control specific components according to their preferences. Whether it's managing the interview process or employee payroll, clients should have the freedom to make decisions while the MSP handles the rest.

Your provider should work closely with you, allowing you to have a say in important matters. Maintaining clear visibility is crucial, as it eliminates any doubts about the partnership's value and ensures quality control. Offshore MSP delivery models often lack the necessary visibility, hindering clients' ability to monitor resource allocation and conduct quality checks.


At DZConneX, we have successfully implemented numerous MSP programs by prioritizing these three components for every client. Learn more about our service capabilities and how we have streamlined other clients' talent acquisition processes by visiting our MSP case study page.


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