Utilizing Technology During the Recruitment Process to Attract Diverse Talent 

What DZX Brings to the Table

+ Job postings on diversity-specific sites

+ Multiple partners that distribute job postings and portals to a variety of diverse organizations

+ A partner that distribute job advertisements to diverse individuals through social media

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Our Mission: Diversity & Inclusion

DZConneX (DZX) fosters, participates and embraces diversity and inclusion efforts as a global workforce solutions company. We want our employees to feel respected and invited to contribute to the success of our company, clients, suppliers and communities. For our clients, DZX is dedicated to using recruitment channels to enhance our recruiters’ ability to locate unique and diverse candidate pools. Ensuring that job opportunities are inclusive of all qualified applicants results in workforces that are best equipped to drive and grow our clients’ businesses.


Utilizing Technology

DZConneX has found that leveraging technology is able to significantly help drive diversity through the lens of talent identification or to expose job opportunities to diverse talent, there are multiple strategies within the DZX program to do that. Several of the specific diversity-related recruitment strategies we leverage include posting jobs on diversity-specific sites, as well as leveraging cross-postings to the diversity and affiliate partner networks of our job board and aggregator partners.

Examples of diversity resources DZX uses in our sourcing efforts include Diversity.com, iHispano.com, IMDiversity.com, blackperspective.com, and feminist.org. We also have a relationship with Circa, which aims to help companies build more diverse, innovative and high-performing teams to accelerate their success. When a job gets input into our system, Circa takes that job and distributes it to a variety of diverse organizations. Additionally, DZX has a relationship with the Professional Diversity Network, which powers job portals to the Society of Female Engineers and other primarily diverse audience organizations as well.


The Ongoing Work

Our efforts to recruit a diverse talent pool will be continually enhanced as we refine our approach to produce the best qualified, diverse slate for each job opening. Additionally, we track our diversity sourcing and hiring efforts through regular reporting. DZConneX (DZX) combines these strategies with our multi-layer recruitment methodology that includes geographically dispersed national Enterprise Delivery Centers, specialized virtual recruitment resources, employment branding initiatives, search engine optimization, artificial intelligence tools and social media site integration to provide our clients with the most effective talent acquisition process.


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