Whitepaper: Procurement Focus: Why Your Supplier's Technology Matters

3 tips for success in buying services coupled with technology


In today's business environment, everyone is trying to make the most out of their resources, including their technology. So when your organization is searching for a talent supplier, it's crucial that you understand the technology they use as it may also become your technology in the future. In-depth research is required to fully understand if a talent provider would be integrating their own technology into your organization or if they would be leaving that decision up to you. 

On some level, your supplier's technology is your technology so it's vital that your organization knows how to make the best decision possible. Download this whitepaper for expert tips on how to evaluate and assess suppliers and their technology to understand what you are really buying into. 


This whitepaper will help you:

-Define and drive technology ecosystems within your business

-Determine whether you are buying services or technology, or both when you enter a partnership with a talent provider

-Navigate the complexities of interpreting data about a supplier's technology 

-Ask the right questions when choosing a talent supplier and get the right people involved in the decision-making process