Navigating Talent Acquisition Challenges: A New Venture's Success Story 


  • 100% successful supplier and worker transition  
  • Contingent worker population nearly doubled
  • Engaging with 167.6% more hiring contacts  
  • 100% adoption rate
  • 85% increase in program size since the start 
  • Expanding program globally in Q1 2024 
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What DZX Brought To The Table

  • MSP expertise
  • Advanced technology solutions
  • Supplier transition & management
  • Compliance & risk mitigation
  • Implementation & change management support 


The Dilemma

In April of 2022, a large enterprise organization operating in the medical device industry decided to spin off a division of the company for incremental growth. As the division started to establish themselves as a new independent company, they needed help navigating their talent acquisition and contingent workforce management processes. This is where DZConneX stepped in, and our partnership with this customer began. Our new customer was essentially starting from scratch, and they needed a talent partner who could quickly provide organizational structure while setting up and taking control of their contingent labor processes. 


The Strategy

Our dedicated teams hit the ground running to implement a 1st Generation Managed Services Provider (MSP) solution for our customer. With only eight weeks until the customer needed us to go live, we quickly introduced our ConneX technology platform which gave us more agility and control over system configuration and provided everyone with visibility into the process. The initial strategy was to ensure we were able to deliver the core elements of technology, payroll and recruitment delivery, supplier management, and IC vetting services as we worked to further expand the scope and breadth of the program throughout the first year 

The Impact

DZConneX delivered a successful implementation that met the customer’s abbreviated timeline. Our MSP program went live on time, on budget, and we achieved 100% successful supplier and worker transition. Our client’s contingent worker population has nearly doubled in the first 9 months with the help of our program team. Additionally, we were engaged with 34 hiring managers in the beginning, but our program team currently engages with 91 hiring contacts – an increase of 167.6%. Since our customer has been thrilled with our MSP services in the U.S., they have selected DZX to expand services globally for them in over 10 countries.


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Laying the Foundation for a Successful Partnership

A company’s decision to break away and establish themselves as a standalone entity does not come without its inherent challenges and complexities – particularly in the realm of talent acquisition and management. This medical device company knew that it would not be easy to navigate this uncharted territory once the separation was complete. To mitigate some of the upcoming challenges, they turned to DZConneX, a seasoned leader in talent solutions. Our talent experts quickly stepped in to help our new customer establish organizational structure as soon as possible, while also assuming control of their contingent labor processes.  

When our conversations with this customer began in August 2022, they were openly communicating with other providers, too, to determine which one could best meet their needs. They first reached out to our team because a previous customer of ours referred us to them. Our soon-to-be customer needed a partner they could trust, and this referral was a testament to the trust and effectiveness of our services. After careful consideration, they ultimately chose DZConneX as the experts to manage their contingent staffing program.  

One of the first major components that our customer needed help with was managing the existing contingent workers who came with the medical device company in the spin-off. These contingent workers, who were originally being managed by the MSP that their previous large corporation was partnered with, needed to be managed by a new MSP that could fulfill their needs. Fortunately, DZConneX’s experts were the MSP team to get the job done.  

At the onset of the program, they also needed an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), reporting and analytics tools, suppliers, hiring managers, payrolling assistance, and an experienced partner to share expert advice as they embarked on their new journey. This was no easy feat due to the short implementation timeline and the need to fill jobs in remote locations


The Pressure Was On 

Once DZConneX was selected as their provider, we assembled a dedicated program team who was attentive every step of the way. The team decided that a uniquely configured 1st Generation MSP program would provide our customer with the structure and governance needed. The strategy was to introduce the necessary services for our customer to conduct business operations first, then we would add more services and continuously improve upon the original ones as our partnership proceeded for the foreseeable future. Our holistic program approach gave our client access to the best training, development, supplier engagement, payrolling, IC vetting, technology, and reporting and analytics at the onset of the program.  

We were given a very short timeline to implement our MSP program – the contract solidifying our partnership was signed on November 8, 2022, and the program needed to go live on January 1, 2023. There were numerous moving parts that needed to be sorted out before our MSP solution could go-live (which had to happen in less than two months), so our program team had to hit the ground running as soon as the contract was signed. The pressure was on, as there was virtually no room for error.  

Our first order of business was to introduce our ConneX platform into the customer’s organization to gain more agility and control over configuration and provide everyone with visibility into the process. Utilizing this technology platform allowed for configuration agility and seamless communication leading up to program implementation, and because of this, we were able to efficiently meet our client’s end of year implementation deadline. 


A Rewarding Implementation 

There’s no avoiding the growing pains that will occur when splitting from a company, but DZConneX’s expertise made this process as seamless as possible for our customer. Implementation went off without a hitch. Both implementation and program adoption throughout the enterprise have been immensely successful. We had the right number of resources and the right amount of oversight for those resources in terms of supporting planning, training, implementation, and customer relationships to ensure all customer needs were met. We achieved 100% successful supplier and worker transition.   

DZX’s program team ensured outstanding customer satisfaction with the process and delivery of talent to allow us to create expanded program adoption. The program has seen significant growth since our implementation, nearly doubling the contingent worker population in the first 9 months.  

Our customer’s Director, Talent Acquisition shared the following testimony about our partnership: “I have been very happy with the time and support DZX has provided us in starting up a new MSP. They are responsive, knowledgeable and are great work partners. DZX is innovative and always looking for how to make things better for us, their client.”  

And our customer’s Senior Category Manager noted that: “DZX did an excellent job implementing our MSP in a very short period of time. They are very good partners who are attentive to business needs. In addition, they are very easy to work with.”  

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a top priority for our program teams. For the first 9 months of the program, we have been successfully providing not only MSP services, but expanding to support IC vetting, payroll service and a strategic roadmap for total talent management. We have earned the customers trust by delivering exceptional service, supplier governance, risk mitigation, and cost savings. DZConneX has earned the opportunity to expand MSP services internationally in over 10 countries to support the rapidly growing contingent labor demands across their entire enterprise.  


At DZConneX, it’s our goal to build partnerships that exceed our customers’ expectations and make a positive impact on their daily business operations. As a proven leader in the mid-market talent solutions space, we are uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class solutions that are configured to each customer’s needs. Our program teams are trained to be flexible and agile in the planning and delivery of our talent solutions, which is a key reason we achieve client satisfaction. Our ability to bring our own technology resources to the table also allows us to support our customers' management needs in a seamless and efficient manner.  

Our partnership with this medical device company is a profound example of how we can start small with our talent solution, build trust, and expand on the solution over time to provide an even brighter future for our clients. 

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