Whitepaper: How Promoting and Sustaining Employee Wellbeing Increases Recruitment Efficiency


In times of change, promoting and sustaining employee wellbeing is the most important thing you can do for your recruiting efforts. As we are going through what many are calling the Great Resignation, employee retention is more important than ever, and retention increases when employee wellbeing is established from the recruitment process and continues beyond that. Statistics show that employees who have strong overall wellbeing are 32% more likely to stay with a company. So companies need to implement best practices to promote wellbeing to increase the attraction and retention rates of top talent. 

This whitepaper explores how companies should be hiring with empathy and always be mindful of how their brand is reflected in the market. They also need to know exactly what candidates want, especially since needs have changed in today's work environment, so they can provide these things to increase workforce satisfaction. If a company isn't ready to tackle these challenges on their own, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can step in to help them determine a customized talent acquisition strategy and facilitate these changing strategies to improve recruitment efficiency. 

Download this whitepaper to uncover the importance behind promoting and sustaining employee wellbeing and the best practices to achieve that.


What You Will Learn:

  • Why it is crucial to promote and sustain wellbeing to mitigate the impact of the Great Resignation 
  • What employee wellbeing includes and how companies can provide these things for their workforce 
  • The benefits of working with an MSP to improve your talent acquisition efficiency