eBook: Cost Savings Now On Contingent Labor Management 

Explore why companies use Managed Service Providers to optimize their contingent workforce


The use of contingent labor has become the "new norm" across many organizations over the past two decades. As companies have discovered the benefits of utilizing contingent labor to improve their business success, there has been a drastic increase in the utilization of this type of labor. With this change, companies need to ensure this workforce is being efficiently managed and is compliant with their unique employment laws. 

One way to ensure this is through a Managed Service Provider (MSP). MSPs can help companies manage costs, manage supplier relationships, and improve the quality of contingent talent entering an organization. This eBook will help you determine if your organization is a good candidate for an MSP program and show you what can be gained, beyond cost savings, by implementing an MSP program. 


This eBook will help you:

-Understand the various benefits of an MSP program for the outsourcing of contingent labor management

-Choose the right MSP for your organization and get the most out of your partnership 

-Identify how MSP programs can reduce the costs associated with contingent talent 

-Implement best practices to leverage your MSP partnership and achieve organizational goals beyond cost savings