DZX Prescribed: Healing A Healthcare Provider's Talent And Payroll Ills 

Strategic Achievements

  • Streamlined management system bringing cost savings and structure
  • Overhauled payroll process 
  • Provided expert HEDIS abstractor support 


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What DZX Brought To The Table

  • Payrolling expertise 
  • Recruiting services 


Degree of Difficulty

  • 7/10
  • Disorganized payroll process  
  • Difficult-to-fill healthcare positions  
  • Disparate vendor relationships 

The Dilemma

With disorganized payrolling processes and ineffective talent providers, one West Coast healthcare provider was having trouble finding the talent it needed and satisfying contingent talent with smooth payments once they were onboard. With few suppliers that offer all the payrolling, talent acquisition, temporary-to-permanent hiring, direct hiring and project work the company needed, HR and hiring teams were facing significant challenges keeping up with the competition.


The Strategy

The client didn’t just need a vendor who could handle payrolling, niche recruitment, onboarding and more; they needed one with decades-long experience and modern-day expertise in the demanding healthcare industry. DZConneX (DZX) met this criteria, so we became their trusted vendor. With a small, nimble team, DZX became the company’s partner for everything related to talent procurement and management, as well as the critical healthcare quality assessment and compliance tool, HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set). Our experts hired individuals to fill many different positions for our client, and we ensured that we delivered the best talent available. 


The Impact

With DZX's experts helping our client, their payrolling issues disappeared. Recruitment gaps vanished and vendor disorder was solved. As the client’s lone talent and payrolling provider, DZX streamlined each process, providing a smoother experience for potential talent, a stress-free environment for the client and cost savings through consolidation.


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Healthcare Industry Fast Facts

$3 trillion industry 

19.2 million healthcare industry employees 

$25.79 average hourly earning for healthcare industry employees 

3.3 billion health insurance claims made in the U.S. each year 

784,626 healthcare companies in the U.S. 


The competition for healthcare talent has become exponentially greater in recent years. With the number of U.S. healthcare and health plan companies now totaling more than three-quarters of a million, it can be difficult to locate talent in a niche area for a variety of high-skill and medium-skill positions. For most companies, a solution to that problem comes in the form of contingent labor. It can be the easiest and quickest way to fill a talent gap in a pinch or for a short period of time. However, contingent workers come with their own unique set of challenges in terms of payrolling, compliance and more.

One company, a West Coast community health plan and healthcare coverage provider, was having trouble with all of the above. Managing payroll for their contingent workforce was being done through a disorganized process full of errors. Overseeing numerous talent vendors was becoming overwhelming and ineffective, especially while trying to handle other special projects on top of that. So to ease the burden for their internal recruiting team, the company hired DZX to come in to heal all their payrolling, contingent talent acquisition processes and other project ills.


Universal Coverage 

Initially, the healthcare coverage provider engaged DZX because it needed help filling a number of niche positions across its business. Prior to our partnership, the client was using multiple vendors to fill clinical, non-clinical, high-skill and medium-skill roles. If they could consolidate partners and find a single provider who could handle these temporary-to-permanent, direct hire and contingent positions, they’d find some significant savings.

And as the talent provider with one of the deepest healthcare talent pools in the business, DZX was more than capable of filling the company’s talent gaps with qualified, certified candidates. If there was ever an open position at the health plan company that needed to be filled—no matter where the opening was across the managed care spectrum—DZX found a suitable individual to fill it.

DZX hired registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses for roles in case management. Our experts also hired pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy directors for roles in the health plan’s growing pharmacy department. Analysts, examiners and supervisors were brought on board for the company’s stringent claims department. DZX hired utilization management coordinators, supervisors and directors for its utilization review process. Lastly, we hired medical coders and customer service representatives to make sure the experience for health plan members was nothing but the best.

In an industry where talent doesn’t remain unemployed for long, DZX has an ever-growing database of managed care candidates that experts are in constant communication with, allowing DZX's recruiters to fill almost any of these roles in a moment’s notice. Additionally, because Yoh prioritizes spending face-to-face time with the client to fully immerse itself in the company’s culture and its hiring methods, DZX is able to find the right individual for the job, every time.

Like when the client needed to contract a team of HEDIS-certified abstractors to evaluate the quality of its coverage and report it to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the company asked DZX to step in and find, evaluate and payroll a small team for a four-month project. Considering the short-term nature of the work, the competition for these individuals and the fact that reporting inaccurate information or failure to comply with regulations can result in hefty state and federal fines, DZX needed to contract HEDIS abstractors that are not only fully qualified but incur as little turnover as possible.

To ensure the team remained on board for the duration, DZX worked with the client to structure contracts with bonuses that enticed them to stay on the project until completion. And if a HEDIS abstractor needed to leave for any reason, DZX always had qualified and approved replacements waiting to step in to fill the gap. To date, there has neither been a delay in reporting nor a fine ever incurred.


Extra Care 

In addition to its recruiting efforts, DZX identified another challenge during its initial audit that the company was regularly facing—and one that needed to be solved quickly. Issues with the company’s contingent worker payrolling system were causing delays in payment, incorrect rates and disorganization with paychecks and billing. This caused headaches for not only the company but also for the contingent workers who rightfully wanted to receive the correct payment and receive it on time.

Luckily for the client, DZX was able to quickly introduce its Exchange Time Entry System, which completely automated the company’s payroll process, eliminating errors and speeding up how quickly their workforce was paid. In fact, both contingent workers and managers have access to this system, which ensures a streamlined and transparent process for the duration of the contract.

After choosing to partner with DZX and consolidate to a single talent and solutions provider, this West Coast company has been able to reduce costs, eliminate payrolling glitches, attract critical talent and HEDIS expertise and streamline its entire talent system. That’s the service clients receive when they partner with a company that has been in the healthcare space for decades, working alongside some of the biggest and best providers in this massive industry.

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