Webcast: The 3 Step Strategy to Overcome the Talent Crisis

Chelsea Finn
Webcast: The 3 Step Strategy to Overcome the Talent Crisis

When it comes to finding the right Total Talent Solution, there are many factors to keep in mind - especially during a talent crisis. In the current hiring climate there are two key things to keep in mind, candidate experience and the efficiency of your recruitment process. A Total Talent Solution is all about creating a strong candidate experience when it comes to applying, interviewing, and accepting jobs across all categories - whether it’s contingent or permanent. Total Talent can streamline the candidate application  and engagement process while also leveraging technology which creates a quick and efficient recruitment process. The combination of a strong candidate experience and an efficient hiring process is more important than ever during The Great Resignation. 

In a recent webcast with Human Capital Institute (HCI), DZConneX Total Talent experts Stephanie Mannon, Amy Carlson and Chadd Dehn break down three different solutions to help guide you to an overall Total Talent Solution best fit for your organization's needs while also combating the effects of The Great Resignation. These different solutions include direct sourcing, payroll + and RPO. Together, these three solutions can be the perfect combination for a Total Talent Solution to help attract and retain talent. 


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Direct Sourcing

You may have heard Direct Sourcing being compared to Talent Pools. There are many differences but there are two that are key - technology and a proactive hiring process. Talent Pools won't typically include any technology and without technology, it's almost impossible to have a proactive hiring model versus reactive. A Direct Sourcing program delivers optimal total talent solutions to organizations by fully automating the sourcing and pipelining process. This drives continuous candidate engagement and management for a fast and smooth deployment, improving the candidate experience and resulting in long-term retention. 

Another key aspect of Direct Sourcing is the use of brand. An organizations brand is one of their most important recruitment and retention tools and it should be used for all candidates, not just permanent ones. Typically in a Direct Sourcing program a branded landing page and branded job postings will be created. By leveraging Direct Sourcing, organizations can embrace a new long term recruitment strategy.  

Payroll +

Decreasing the onboarding length. Increasing the apply to assign funnel percentage. Longer lengths of assignment. These are just a few benefits of a Payroll + model. Plus, this strategy enables customers to rapidly scale up or down. A unique aspect of Payroll + is that DZConneX takes on the administration of the full employment lifecycle. You're going to get the best service when isolating every single stage of the employment journey. So, within Payroll +, DZX has built specialized teams for each part of the journey which includes, a contractor support team, payroll support team, an employee relations team, business intelligence, client support and a compliance team. All six of these teams provide baseline metrics, KPI's and regular reporting cadences.  

Payroll + is perfect for organizations that are looking for additional administrative responsibilities to be taken over, a unique candidate experience, customized reporting and more. A few specific Payroll + benefits include,

+ Employee On and Off Boarding
+ Background Check Results Within 2 hours of the Candidate Accepting the Offer
+ Administrative Duties
+ Customized Reports for Management
+ Focus on Candidate Experience by Engaging Technology
+ A Fully Dedicated Team


The competition for talent has never been fiercer, but there are many benefits within an Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program that can help organizations compete. The reality is, what was working two years ago probably won't work now when it comes to hiring. Many organizations do not have the expertise to efficiently fulfill their total talent needs on their own while simultaneously focusing on the success of their business. RPO can augment or rebuild your internal full lifecycle recruitment process and efficiently manage every element of your talent acquisition strategy, from the initial workforce planning to requisition through onboarding.

Another benefit of an RPO program is that it can act as an extension of your organization by leveraging your employee value proposition. This also allows an RPO to focus on a high-level candidate experience and put together hiring events. In this market, it's more important than ever to give an offer to a potential candidate first and an RPO can help you do that.  


We understand there isn't a one-size fits all approach when it comes to creating a Total Talent Solution. However, these 3 strategies have benefits for any organization while also having unique ways to combat The Great Resignation. For more information on how they can help overcome the current talent crisis listen to our webcast


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