Using Technology During the Recruitment Process to Attract Diverse Talent

Chelsea Finn
Using Technology During the Recruitment Process to Attract Diverse Talent

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Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion will win in the ever changing marketplace, which means that your Total Talent Program isn’t complete without a strategy and action plan centered on the attraction, development and retention of employees representing all dimensions of diversity.

Leveraging technology is able to significantly help drive diversity through the lens of talent identification. There are multiple strategies when it comes to exposing job opportunities to diverse talent. Several of the specific diversity-related recruitment strategies to use include posting jobs on diversity-specific sites, as well as leveraging cross-postings to the diversity and affiliate partner networks of job board and aggregator partners. But there are also plenty of other technology tools to utilize and incorporate into your diversity initiatives.


Technology Examples

-Circa: Aims to help companies build more diverse, innovative and high-performing teams to accelerate their success. When a job gets put into your system, Circa takes that job and distributes it to a variety of diverse organizations.

-AdRoll: Has the ability to send job advertisements to people who may be diverse through social media.

-Textio: Look at your crafted job advertisement or description and grate it through the lens of diversity language and tells you if it's not going to attract diverse talent or if you need to create more inclusive language and suggest alternate words.

Combine the strategies above with a multi-layer recruitment methodology that includes geographically dispersed delivery centers, specialized virtual recruitment resources, employment branding initiatives, search engine optimization, artificial intelligence tools and social media site integration to provide your clients with the most effective talent acquisition process. Your efforts to recruit a diverse talent pool will continually enhance as you refine your approach to produce the best qualified, diverse slate for each job opening.

DZX Recruitment Strategies Talent Shortage

Learn about DZConneX’s approach to utilizing technology during the recruitment process to attract diverse talent in our new case study.

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