Podcast: How an Innovation-Led MSP Can Help Your Organization

Ashley Keaveney
Podcast: How an Innovation-Led MSP Can Help Your Organization

Today, nonemployees make up about 40% of the average company, and many of these workers are hired through an MSP program. In a recent conversation between Lynda Sheppard, Global Senior Vice President at DZConneX, and Debbie Bolla, Editorial Director for HRO Today, they discussed how an MSP program works within an organization.

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Partnering For Success 

Throughout the podcast, Lynda talks about one of our customers that demonstrates an evolution of a partnership and exemplifies how a customer can create their own roadmap towards talent management success.

Before our talent experts came along, this technology company was predominately made up of payroll workers hired by internal recruiters. But our dedicated teams were able to provide them with a top-notch flexible workforce, allowing them to overcome their turnover and payroll challenges.

We were able to provide this technology company with the best total talent solution possible, and as a result they have been able to achieve over 5% cost savings year over year. These cost savings prove how effective an MSP provider can be for an organization in need.


The 3 P's:  Partnership, Planning, Persistence 

In closing, Lynda reveals the three keys to success for anyone looking to utilize an MSP program. She narrows it down to partnership, planning, and persistence. An MSP program will likely be successful if both parties agree to form a committed partnership, plan their goals and how they are going to achieve them, and stay persistent despite any resistance to change.

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